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Wow! Slovenia is creative, unveiled World’s First Ever Public Bitcoin Monument

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Slovenian Roundabout Becomes Tribute to Bitcoin. Kranj which is Slovenian’s fourth largest city now hosts a large ‘B’ in the center that connects two roads at Kranj’s city center.
The monument was financed by major bitcoin exchange Bitstamp, and blockchain software company 3fs.
The three-tonne metal sculpture is situated near Kranj’s courthouse, approximately 20 miles from the city’s capital. The circle surrounding the bitcoin ‘B’ has a diameter of roughly seven meters. The statue was created by artists Selman Čorović and Aleksander Frančeškin.
Bostjan Trilar, who is the mayor of the Slovenia fourth largest city, Kranj told reporters how the symbol ‘B’ was chosen.
Bostjan Triler said:
“We asked citizens on our Facebook page to decide what to place in the new roundabout and this was one of the first ideas we received… Kranj has a lot of companies dealing with high technology.” Mayor Trilar added that many of the city’s inhabitants are “tightly connected to modern technology companies, some of them have been successful precisely with the blockchain technology and we thought it was right to honor them.”
According Slovenian city of Kranj this monument inaugurated is the world’s first public Bitcoin monument. Do you agree with them? Well, I believe one can hardly say no to this claim of theirs.
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