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Win 5 Million From The Access Bank Womenpreneur Program

Access Bank Womenpreneur Program
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It seems that Nigeria Banks are really paying full attention to women who are interested in business. There have been tons of business loans made available for women who are interested in business. Access Bank now launch the Womenpreneur a program that gives business women the opportunity to win 5 million and an MBA IFC (International Finance Corporation).

What Is Access Bank Womenpreneur Program

Womenpreneur is a seasonal program offered by Access Bank to help women who are interested in growing their business access funds that will help them do so. The Womenpreneur also gives expert training on how women can also grow and expand their business.

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton 2019 is created to help women access business funding, give them a mini IFC MBA and also expert training to help them manage and grow their business plans and ideas. We refer to it as seasonal because the application for this year Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton will close by August 9 2019.

Benefits Of The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton 2019

  • Possible Access to funds to start your own business up to N5 million.
  • Get a quick mini MBA from IFC (International Finance Corporation).
  • Access to expert training to help manage and grow your business.
  • Meet and connect with people who are into business.
  • Grow the network of your business.

Who Can Apply For The Access Bank Womenpreneur Program

  • If you are a woman who owns and runs her business
  • Women with innovative business ideas
  • Ladies who need a grant to expand her business
  • Women with business but needs expert training to grow their business.

Note: Men are not eligible to apply for this program.  The Womenpreneur program is designed only for women. However a man can apply on behalf of his wife using her details and the wife will be the one to attend the program not the man.

How To Apply For The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton 2019

Application for this program is in four simple steps.

  • Sign up for a free Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton 2019 account.
  • Give details about your business in the form provided in the profile you created above.
  • Wait to be selected among the persons who qualify for the program.
  • Get the reward attached with the program.

To get started with the application use This Official Link from Access Bank. Remember that the application deadline is August 9 2019. After the above date the link might stop working and you have to wait till next year before you can apply.

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton is another way Access bank is showing its support for the female folks. Women should take advantage of this and try to jump into the business space with both financial and expert help to kick start their business.

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