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Three Ways You Can Make Money From UBA Bank

UBA Bank

If you have an account with UBA bank here is your chance to make money from the bank. There are currently three ways you can make free money from UBA bank. The good thing about these offers is that they are free. With this offer from UBA, you won’t only save money in some purchases but you will also make extra money. Are you excited already now lets get to show you how you can make money from UBA.

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  1. UBA Diaspora Account: With UBA Diaspora affiliate program, you can be earning #5,000 for each person you refer. This means that if you referred 5 persons that is 5 multiply by #5,000 (5*5,000=25,000). The UBA Diaspora account makes it possible for persons(family and friends) living in Europe and America to have a UBA bank account. With this offer, the more persons you refer the money you make. CLICK HERE to read about the UBA diaspora account and its application process. If you have persons living in Europe and America now is the right time to contact them and start making money.
  2. UBA Savings Scheme: This is a much better offer from the bank. With this offer you don’t have to go through the stress of referring anyone. All you need to do is keep a steady balance of #30,000 for a period of three months and UBA will reward you. This means that if you can consistently have a minimum of #30,000 in your UBA account then the bank will reward you handsomely for it. So don’t be in a hurry to withdraw your money from UBA, keep them and make some money extra. Its that simple.
  3. 50% OFF Debit Card: UBA debit cards now cost 50% less the usual amount. In what appeared in their website you can now apply for a UBA debit card for as low as #550. The best part of the news is even non customers of the bank can also enjoy this offer. Thus offer won’t literally give you money but it save some amount of money for you. Hence we included it in this list.

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UBA bank is an ever growing bank and above are the recent opportunities that all its customers can enjoy. Have someone living in the USA or any country in Europe, then take advantage of the UBA diaspora account. Keep a minimum of #30,000 for three months and get rewarded. Lastly enjoy 50% discount on debit card. Allow notification to get latest bank tips and updates from Mntrends Blog. Please share our articles on Facebook and Twitter to reach more people.


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