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The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Investment Practice That Helped Me

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Every crypto enthusiasts understands that cryptocurrency investment is part of the crypto world. However getting the right investment platform is one major set back. Getting crypto to invest in these cryptocurrency investment platform is another problem. How to maximize your crypto investment still is another problem.

In 2018, Mntrends have one of our Admin manage our crypto investment(Bitcoin to be precise). And with his new cryptocurrency investment practice we managed to increase our bitcoin with ease. Although Mntrends did lost some bitcoin along the way but overall we made more bitcoin than we lost.

In this article our Admin will share with you the 5 best cryptocurrency investment practice that made him increase Mntrends Bitcoin. Note that it is only to serve as a guide for you and help you enhance your bitcoin and crypto investment skills.

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Written by our Admin FESTUS

These 5 practice a very easy to understand and follow. And if you use this tactics you might just boost your bitcoin and cryptocurrency towards the end of the year.

1. Accept There is No Free Cryptocurrency

This is the very first step to investing in cryptocurrency. To be a good investor you have to accept that truth that free crypto is not lying anywhere. You have to perform some task before you get rewarded with crypto(bitcoin). This will help you to avoid scam and fraudsters online. In truth most persons who sought after free cryptocurrency usually ends up losing the little crypto they already have.

Sadly i was a victim too. I sent $15 worth of btc to someone on Facebook with the hope of getting a software that mines $300 worth of btc daily. If only i had accepted that is was not possible and faced reality i would have made more btc by now. Well that is a mistake you should avoid. Instead of looking for free cryptocurrency just go to a trusted seller and buy your preferred cryptocurrency.

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2. Keep You Cryptocurrency

The number two best cryptocurrency investment practice is keeping your crypto. Do not be in a hurry to invest your crypto after purchase. When i first got my bitcoin i hurriedly invested in two bitcoin investment platform. Guess what happened. I lost $27 in one of those investment and the other i lost about $22. My point is don’t be in such hurry to invest without making background check on the investment website.

Check YouTube and watch testimony of the investment site. Join their groups online and listen to what people are saying about the group. Check how long they have been in existence. Most of all check if their return of investment is reasonable or over the roof. If the return of investment is too good then its not true.

3. Choose An Investment Platform

Now this is the part hat is a little bit tricky. Choosing a cryptocurrency investment platform is not easy. Reason because most online platforms runs on Ponzi hence they don’t last longer than 4 months(sometimes weeks). But how can you choose a legit cryptocurrency investment platform. There some few things you should look out for before you select a bitcoin investment platform.

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First how long have it been in existence. Secondly what is the return of investment. If the return of investment is too good then its not true. Now watch videos of testimony from YouTube and check site reviews about the investment website. Note that there must be an article about a particular crypto investment website if its legit.

4. Don’t Invest Everything

Throwing all your eggs in one basket is a wrong call. No matter how you trust an investment platform don’t throw in all your crypto the risk is too much. What is you wake up and the site is shutdown or maybe all of a sudden the site freezes withdrawal what will you do then. So always have something extra in your cryptocurrency wallet as backup.

5. Know When To Start Cashing In Your Profits

This is the crucial part of the 5 best cryptocurrency investment practice. Know when to be cashing in your profits. Do not continuously reinvest your cryptocurrency. Here is how i did mine that helped me.

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I invest $150 worth of btc and i started cashing in my capital almost immediately. Then after successful cashing in my $150 worth of btc i started using the profit to trade. I continuously reinvest the profit and occasionally make withdrawals to my wallet. With the above i was able to save btc worth over $250 within two months.

Conclusively i’m not telling you that i’m the best cryptocurrency investor. This article was never been the best crypto or bitcoin investor. It was/is about been a smart investor when trying to invest in cryptocurrency. This 5 best cryptocurrency investment practice have helped increase my BTC. I hope they help you too.


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