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Venezuelans Reportedly Abandons Fiat Currency For Cryptocurrency

The battle between Fiat Currency and Cryptocurrency is still on going and Venezuelans might have just taken it to a whole new level. Will...

Using Petro Crypto is Now a Must in Venezuela, Even for Passports

The use of Petro crypto in Venezuela is now becoming a must rather than choice. In a press conference last Friday, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy...
Petro cryptocurrency

Petro Crypto officially Launched As Venezuela National Currency

In February this year, Petro Crypto was created and was said to be backed fully by the country's oil resources. However, the unexpected happened on...
Petro cryptocurrency

Venezuelans to start receiving Pension, Salary in Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the use of Petro cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit. President Nicolas Maduro first unveiled the petro back in...

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