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Bank blockchain

Bank Blockchain Tech Gets Approval From Indian Govt

The government of India has approved a bank blockchain technology research. Currently, Indian government is taking a deep look on how it can use...
Samsung foldable phones

Samsung foldable Phones: How much it will cost (Price) and Specs

When will Samsung foldable phones be launched and how much Will it cost you to buy one? Samsung has long been rumoured to be developing...
Apple Music for all

Apple Music adds new feature called “Friends Mix” Playlist

Apple Music adds new friends mix playlist to enable you listen to the music your friends are bursting to. The new “Friends Mix” playlist makes...
5G network

What is 5G Network and When will it Launch?

What is 5G network? 5G will bring faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphone and other devices than ever before. 5G should offer connections...
DUAL-SIM iPhone price

How much will dual-SIM iPhone Cost worldwide?

DUAL-SIM iPhone - Buried in the latest iOS 12 beta is evidence that Apple is going to release the first iPhone that can...

How To Bookmark Tweets in the Twitter app for Android (Tutorial)

Twitter is one of the best social network (media) where you can find everything you want to know. In shot, sometimes what you are...
Apple iPhone X

How Customers Are Reacting To Apple iPhone X dual-SIM News

The news of Apple iPhone X dual-SIM first emerged earlier this year, and now Apple’s own iOS 12 is backing up the reports. A new “iPhone X...
WhatsApp group call introduced

How To Make WhatsApp Group Call [ Audio & Video ]

The Call for WhatsApp to introduce group call functionality to its platform has been answered. Mntrends brings to you, how you can make or join...
Google secretly protects against hackers ever way

How Google Secretly Protects its own from Hacking

How Google secretly protects its employees from hacking is physical key. What is meant by physical key? Here is a brief explanation to googles...
Google Station in Nigeria lagos

How Google Station Will Benefit Nigerians

GOOGLE STATION - While some persons are so excited about the new move by internet giant, Google, to open station in Nigeria, some persons...
Apple and Qualcomm

How Long Will it Take Apple to launch 5G Smartphone Without Qualcomm?

Are there still any reasons to be excited about Apple's upcoming iPhones? There are new sizes, new products of iPhone coming to the market....
facebook mobile

Easy Steps To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account Back

Facebook accounts are hacked day in day out. It's now a trending topic on the internet. Many people become a victim of Facebook hacking. Some...

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