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Trading bitcoin

Africans Found New Way of Trading Bitcoin Despite Government Bans

From the most populous black state in the world Nigeria, to Kenya, Zimbabwe and across the Central Africa, the governments have all placed ban...
Bitcoin ban

Iran Government May Lift Bitcoin Ban Forth Coming Month

Bitcoin Ban: A Conference was held last Sunday in Tehran, and Nasser Hakimi, the Central Bank of Iran’s deputy for innovative technologies spoke on...
btc mining

South African Government Going After Bitcoin Tax Evaders

Bitcoin tax evaders are being sought for in South Africa by the state authority. This is because the South African Revenue Service is working...
Iranians BTc gone

Iranians’ 500 BTC Seized by US Government

The US government has confiscated over 500 BTC belonging to Iranians since last year, according to Sepehr Mohammadi, the president of Iran’s Blockchain Association. While this...

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