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Crypto Education Reward Program

EOS Added To The List Of Coinbase Crypto Education Reward Program

Coinbase have added EOS to the list of its crypto education reward program. This means that along with other cryptocurrencies, crypto users can now...

Chinese Crypto Ranking: EOS #1, ETH 2nd, Bitcoin Ranked 10th (full List)

China has updated its cryptocurrency ranking. Bitcoin has significantly improved, making the top 10 list for the first time. In last month list, Bitcoin...
CryptO exchange Huobi

Chinese Government Ranked EOS #1, ETH 2nd and BTC 16th [Full List]

For a second month in a row, Chinese government has ranked EOS #1. The ratings placed Bitcoin in 16th place out of a monthly list...
Btc is edging over Altcoins

Are Altcoins Dying Slowly?

Altcoins are dying slowly. The price of bitcoin has been on an increase especially the past seven days. BTC is up 18% in a week and...

China’s Crypto Ratings: EOS Top Spot, Bitcoin in 17th position

Recently, a research carried out by a company that is link to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), released its latest evaluation of Blockchain...

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