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Blockchain Technology Has the Potential of Eliminating Money Laundering From the Global Financial System

The global traditional finance space is bedeviled by serious financial crimes such as unethical dealings, thefts, fraud and money laundering. However, the blockchain technology...

Mastercard Applies For A Patent For Anonymous Transactions On A Blockchain

Mastercard has applied for a patent in pursuance of a process that is intended to allow customers make anonymous transactions on a blockchain, though...
Accepting Cryptocurrencies

What You can do With Cryptocurrencies (4): Accepting Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment

What It Means To Accept Cryptocurrencies As Form Of Payment Accepting cryptocurrencies as a form or means of payment means accepting to get paid in...

HTC Smartphone Powered by Blockchain Set to Launch Oct. 22

An Instagram post by HTC has revealed the tech company could launch its Exodus blockchain-based smartphone on October 22. When the tech giant announced the...

Bitwala Raises €4 million in New Funding

Bitwala is planning to develop a blockchain bank account offering. And so far the blockchain startup  Bitwala has raised €4 million. The cryptocurrency Germany-based payment...
Bank blockchain

Bank Blockchain Tech Gets Approval From Indian Govt

The government of India has approved a bank blockchain technology research. Currently, Indian government is taking a deep look on how it can use...
Ethereum blockchain explorer

NRC of Canada Has built an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

A Canadian government body which is known as The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), announced on Monday that it has built an ethereum...
Cryptocurrency Price Crash

Ukraine considering the use of NEM Blockchain in Elections

Oleksandr Stelmakh, Who is a member of the Ukraine Central Election Commission is considering the use of NEM blockchain in elections. A trial is already...
Blockchain technology functions

What Blockchain Technology is and How It Works

In this article brought to you by mntrends, we are going to provide answers to three important questions about the blockchain technology. This would...
Bank blockchain

South Carolina Stops Cease & Desist Orders Against Blockchain Startups

According to a public document that was revealed on Thursday, South Carolina's securities regulator has put a stop to cease-and-desist orders against two blockchain startups. The...
judiciary and crypto

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and Blockchain Associations Set to Sue the Four Internet Giants

Eurasian Blockchain Association (EBA), Representatives of the Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RACIB), the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA) and the Chinese Association of...
BTC Russia

Picture Proof | Start Earning free bitcoin Every hour from Freebitcoin

Freebitco.in is a web based platform that allows its users to earning free bitcoin (approximately 0.00000050 bitcoin every hour). In this post, we are...

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