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Crypto exchange bithumb has resumed deposit

Crypto exchange Bithumb Resumes Deposit and Withdrawal Services

Since the last hack of the cryptocurrency exchange, the South Korean crypto exchange bithumb has resumed deposit and withdrawal services for a number of cryptocurrencies. This...
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Bithumb expansion; Branch opens in Japan and Thailand

THAILAND - Bithumb is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. And as it is now, the cryptocurrency exchange is expanding into...

Korean Government Set To Investigate Bithumb & Conrail Crypto Hacks

Bithumb and Conrail crypto exchanges in South Korea lost millions of dollars to hacks, just within two weeks. In response to the hack, the Korean...

Crypto Exchange Bithumb: Korean Crypto Exchange on Its way to Recover Hacked Funds

South Korea's second largest crypto exchange Bithumb, lost about $31 million between Tuesday and Wednesday morning. However, Bithumb might just be on his way...
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Flash News; Bithumbs $30 million worth of Cryptocurrency Vanishes

Another day another story as Korean major cryptocurrency exchange bithumbs joins the league of those who have lost crypto that worth millions of dollars. The...
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Bithumb Soon To Ban Cryptocurrency Traders Not Using Real-Name System

Bithumb, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will gradually lower the withdrawal limit for any accounts that have not...

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