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Swap your Euros for bitcoin or ethereum In Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - July 31, 2014: Tourist walking in and out of the main entrance to Schiphol Airport. The airport handles over 45 million passengers per year with almost 100 airlines flying from here.

Amsterdam international airport – is launching an ATM that will allow travelers to swap their euros for bitcoin or ethereum. It will now be possible for you to swap your euros for bitcoin or ethereum in the Amsterdam airport.

The international airport made this announcement known on Wednesday that the ATM machine is being located in the departures terminal, since it will offer travelers an option to convert their remaining euros to the two popular cryptocurrencies when they leave the country. This makes it possible for you to easily swap your euros to bitcoin or ethereum as you leave the country.

Tanja Dik, director of Consumer Products & Services at Schiphol, said:

“With the bitcoin ATM, we hope to provide a useful service to passengers by allowing them to easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum. That can be beneficial if, for instance, it’s not possible to spend euros in their home country.”

Other airport has done this before with some even allowing customers to make payment with Cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, Australia’s Brisbane airport also announced a plan to roll out a crypto payment option for consumers shopping at retail outlets across the terminal.

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Thus was the effort put in place by the Amsterdam Airport as other international airports are starting to embrace the idea of cryptocurrency as a potentially beneficial added service for their customers. So when next you visit Amsterdam don’t forget to swap your euros to bitcoin or ethereum using the ATM.


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