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Step by Step Guide To Making Payment In Remitano

Making Payment In Remitano

Making payment in Remitano when buying bitcoin can be very easy and confusing at same time. It easy because you can just pick your mobile app and send money to seller. It is confusing when you don’t know the right things to do before sending making payment in Remitano.

Most times people are afraid to send money for bitcoin. The main reason is due to the fact that it might be lost. Unlike most Bitcoin exchange platform, Remitano is an easy to use bitcoin exchange platform. In this article we’ll show you how you can make payment in Remitano after creating a buy order.

To make payment in Remitano is surprisingly easier than what you might have anticipated. Truth is you only need your Mobile banking App and its done.

Making Payment In Remitano for Bitcoin Purchase

To successfully make payment in Remitano you need to create a buy order. This buy order will contain all the details you need to make payment. The things contained in your buy order include

  1. Amount you are to pay.
  2. The Bank name of the seller.
  3. Bank Account name of the seller.
  4. Sellers Bank Account number.
  5. Payment reference number which you will use as remark

You can learn about how to create a buy order HERE. But don’t forget that you need a Remitano Account before you can create a buy order.

After creating a buy order in Remitano. The screen below will come up showing you some details about your new buy order.

Making Payment In Remitan

The screen above has the payment ID and it also consists of the transaction details. The number of bitcoin you wish to buy and to whom you are making payment to. Please go throw this order to see if you wish to continue or you’ll cancel the trade.

The next screen consist of the full details of the seller. It includes his/her name, bank details and personal details. See picture below

Making Payment In Remitan

Now take note of the Payment ID or Payment Reference, that is what you will use in making the payment. For example if you are using a mobile transfer for payment, the Remitano Payment Reference will be the Remark or Description to replace the name of sender. See picture below.

Making Payment In Remitan

The above is typical example of UBA mobile banking App. And you will notice that instead of using a name as sender the reference code from Remitano was used. This is how to make payment in Remitano. This done in such way that when issues arises, the reference code will reflect in your bank account statement.

But, If you paid directly into the bank account, you should write the Payment Reference attached to the name of depositor. Take a picture of the bank Teller and upload as proof of payment. See example below

Take for example your name is Olamide Funke and the Payment reference is #33564T77225. When filling the bank teller to make payment, your name will be Olamide Funke #33564T77225.

NOTE: The reference number is very important, as it will be used to differentiate other transactions. Now take a screenshot of that page and also take a screenshot of the success page from your mobile device.


Every transaction usually takes up to 15 minutes before it is automatically terminated. Be sure to make payment within this time frame and click the I HAVE MADE PAYMENT button. Else your money will be lost. And do not click on the CANCEL ORDER button after sending money, you will lose that money.

Making payment in Remitano can be this easy if you follow the steps above. If you follow the steps above properly your Remitano account or the BTC Address you input when placing your order will be credited within minutes.

Be sure to follow the above step by step and you will buy bitcoin into your wallet very easily. If you have any problems or questions please use the CONTACT US PAGE to reach us.


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