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Splitt.co Mining: Understanding The Splitt.co Mining Platform

Splitt.co Mining

Splitt.co Mining

Splitt.co Mining services also include keeping your bitcoin. It serves as bitcoin wallet for its miners. Let’s get to explore the splitt.co mining website and get you to understanding it.

If you don’t already have a splitt.co account CLICK HERE to register for a free account. If you would like to know some details about splitt.co mining and it’s operations CLICK HERE. After registration in the splitt.co website, you will be asked to log into the website. CLICK HERE for our complete guide to registering in splitt.co website.

When you finally log into the website, for desktop users(laptop)  and mobile you will see 6 menus

1. Dashboard

2. Deploy/Invest

3. Deposit

4. Affiliate

5. Support

6. Account

Dashboard: This shows the summary of what is happening in your splitt.co account in real life. It shows all transactions including those sent and received. It also gives overview of your selected contract and shows how much you have earn from the contract.

Deploy/Invest: In mobile view it appears as Deploy while in desktop(laptops) it appears as Invest. This is where you get to select the different splitt.co contract you want to purchase. As at the time of writing this article, splitt.co have three investment plans, Dynamic Cloud Mining, Bare Meta simplified and the ASIC Mining. We’ll talk more about these mining contracts in later articles.

Deposit: The Splitt.co platform is designed to aid fast processing and the deposit feature contributes to this. This feature allows miners to send their bitcoin and keep them handy in their splitt.co account. This way they can just decide to use it to active plans easily without having to wait for transaction processing/confirmation time. When deposit is clicked, a wallet address is generated for miners, copy this address and use it to transfer bitcoin to activate your investment in Splitt.co.

Affiliate: Most online platform thrive when there are more investors. And for bringing in investors, splitt.co pays you a commission. The Affiliate tab allows you to keep track of how many persons you have referred and how much you have earned from referrals.

Support: If you have any problem then you can easily make use of this feature. Splitt.co have online customer service that are ready to reply when available. Also use this feature to send message to splitt.co support team.

Account: This is where you get to update profile. Remember that splitt.co only asked for your email when you registered. They also give you the option to make use of this feature to update your personal profile.

Now that is the overview of the splitt.co mining platform. In our subsequent articles we’ll be discussing how to do basic transactions in Splitt.co Cloud Mining platform.


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