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See Why The Recent Coin Regulations and Threats are Beneficial To Bitcoin and Other Crypto

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Almost every country have had their own share of what should be done to bitcoin and other crypto. Some countries have declared it illegal others have just kept silent but still other have allowed it to be used in their country. In the recently held G20 meeting about crypto, while there were some countries that are sitting on the fence, there were some that publicly showed support for crypto. But the goodnews is all this is beneficial for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Well you might think it is lame to share this point of view but look at it this way, since more countries are trying to restrict the use of cryptos, bitcoin and other crypto news have been making headlines consistently. And been that the issue is up for debate on a continuous basis, more persons who are curios have come to know about bitcoin and other cryptos.

For example, Facebook, Google and Twitter have announced some restriction as to crypto ads. This is an unpaid publicity that is made by these giant social media networks and billions of their users and followers are now aware that there is a digital form of money transfer/payment bitcoin and other cryptos.

In Twitter alone, the hashtag #Bitcoin, #Crypto and #Cryptocurrency have been trending for the past three months. In fact on twitter alone, crypto-currency have more than 100 hashtags that is active and which comments and retweets are done every now and then.

Finally, bitcoin and other crypto has just gone international with the international body (G20) looking to see if they are threats to world financial stability. For the past three days alone, more persons are now checking to see the fate of bitcoin and its brothers. All these are publicity that was not paid for by either satoshi or any other person.
We still don’t know what will happen to crypto-currency. Will it be legalized worldwide? will there be a general regulation as to how it is used? will it be declared as threat to world financial stability? We don’t have all the answers to the questions above but we do know that the various threats facing crypto have also served as a massive international publicity for bitcoin and other crypto.



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