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Ripple to Sponsor Blockchain Research in Universities with $50 million


Ripple is in a collaborative partnership with universities from Australia, the US, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, South Korea, the UK, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Canada. Seventeen universities in total are set to benefit from the $50 million that Ripple has set aside to sponsor blockchain research.

The aim of the initiative is to accelerate academic research into blockchain technology and all its formats and uses. Universities are free to choose their own areas of focus, but the general idea is to “stimulate widespread understanding and innovation in blockchain [technology]”.

Ripple also wants to create a “new curriculum” to educate high school-age children about financial technology and cryptocurrency.
It has committed $50 million in funding and will also be providing technical resources and advice.

Moreover, Ripple gives some examples of specific cases. For example, at the University of Pennsylvania in the US the UBRI will provide money to engineering students that choose to work with blockchain/cryptocurrency technology. It is also providing funds for new blockchain research programmes at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and at the University of Luxembourg.

The cryptocurrency company is also set to work with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which is itself working with a number of active financial companies to research subjects like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and global payments.


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