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NRC of Canada Has built an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Ethereum blockchain explorer

A Canadian government body which is known as The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), announced on Monday that it has built an ethereum blockchain explorer.

Moreover, through services provided by Bitaccess, a blockchain startup, NRC confirmed on Monday that its Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is now hosting the explorer on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

The importance of using IPFS, is that it ensures web applications to be “unalterable and can be accessed far into the future,” regardless of whether the original host is online or not.

Ethereum blockchain explorer allows users to search the ethereum blockchain for proactively published grants and contribution data, according to Bitaccess.

The NRC continued:
“These are early days, but NRC IRAP’s experiments with blockchain are expected to provide constructive insight into the potential for this technology and how it may be used for more open and transparent operations for public programs.”

In an effort to build a more transparent administration of government contracts, NRC IRAP launched the Canadian government’s first live trial of public blockchain technology on ethereum back in January.

And since the launch, the program is reported to have been exploring additional applications in blockchain technology.

The co-founder of Bitaccess, Moe Adham, said in a news release that the company is helping to “enable constituents to participate in the verification and validation of public information.”

IPFS aims to build a more permanent web by storing multiple copies of data.


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