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My Opinion On The Current Crypto Market Crash

Current Crypto Market Crash

During the past 6 days, the Crypto market has crashed from over $201 billion to about $168 billion market capitalization, that’s almost $34 billion loss. Bitcoin itself has dipped so much from about $6300 last week to $4450 currently. Altcoins have suffered the the most blood bath. This current crypto market crash is affecting everybody.

This is not new, it has always happened and it will still happen again. What really matters is our attitude towards the whole thing. Cryptocurrency investment is very volatile and requires patience, discipline and caution on our part if we must succeed.

The crypto market has crashed enough. I am also a victim of the current crypto market crash. Nevertheless, this is the best time to buy Bitcoin at a very cheap price. I can say that bitcoin will be bouncing off from this current $4k levels.

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We shouldn’t expect a dip or break down below $4k. So the best time to buy cheap Bitcoin is now. Take advantage of the current market crash and fill your bags with cheap Bitcoins.

Why am I suggesting that we buy Bitcoin now Despite Current Crypto Market Crash

First, Bakkt BITCOIN Futures is going to launch on 12th December, and they are intentionally dumping Bitcoin at the moment to get them cheap later as crypto noobs panic sell. It is rumored that they will be accumulating large chunk of Bitcoin before the official launch.

Also, institutional investors are the other ones who are buying Bitcoin from the current levels and I can tell you that by March 2019, Bitcoin will experience massive spike in price.

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At the moment, there are still some big news that are yet to arrive on the market: Bakkt Futures Market Launch and the US SEC ETF Decision Rumor By Feb 2019.

These are the guys who are accumulating Bitcoin now and BIG PLAYERS always buy the dip as hell out of our loss/liquidation. They don’t care about retail traders or noobs. They just fill out their pockets out of our pockets/investment.

Yes, that’s how it works; Big investors will make sure that Noobs/Panic Sellers are depressed enough from this long down trend so that they will reverse the market just like a finger snap and we, small traders will again wait for dip and that dip won’t come again.

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Get Your Bags of Bitcoin.
Buy The DIP/HODL This Bag.
$4k is still the bottom of this over-correction.

Note: I am not your financial advisor, do your own research or contact your financial advisor before taking any investment decision in cryptocurrency. The content of this article is a personal opinion and not an investment advice. I expressed my views to help us keep our hope alive as we eagerly await the BULL RUN.


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