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Why A-ads Network Is A better Way to Monetize Your Blog


A-ads network is bitcoin advertisement website/network that pays its advertisers with bitcoin. CLICK HERE to read about the comparison between google and A-ads network. But for some good reasons, A-ads advertisement is a better way to monetize your blog. Check out reasons below.

What Is A-ads Network Ads

A-ads network is an advertising network that pays its advertisers with bitcoin. It uses the Unique Impression(Unique CPM) to pay its advertisers. By Unique Impression it refers to every new IP registered by the platform every day.

This means that no more than one IP can be registered for valid impressions everyday. It is important to note that the A-ads network won’t its advertisers for clicks(that is CPC).

You can only make good money from this advertising network if you have good traffic and your A-ads banner is placed in a region where they can receive lots of impression.

Why Monetize Your Blog Using A-ads Network Ads

1. Easy To Implement: The implementation of A-ads code to your website is very easy. Unlike google(and most other advert networks) that requires users to paste code in the header tag of their website, A-ads is simple HTML that can be placed in a widget. Once its placed in a widget in the homepage of the website then you are done and you start earning.

2. Quick Approval: Basically A-ads do not require any long time verification before your application is approved. In fact, its approval is instant and no formal document is required. We do not know if this will change in the future but for now its approval is instant.

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3. Works With other Ads: With A-ads you don’t have to be afraid of placing affiliate links or other Ads with it. A-ads network ads allow you to monetize your blog with other Ads too. And it works well with other Ads as it gives you options to customize and make your A-ads advert look different from other Ads.

4. Withdrawal: Google and other Ads network requires some formal verification before payment is made. But with A-ads all you need is a bitcoin wallet address and you are set to make withdrawal. Withdrawal of payment is near instant as its paid in bitcoin. Unlike Google payment that takes sometimes two days to reflect in your bank account.

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5. Varieties of Adverts: There are lots of advert to choose from and you can decide which one to allow and which one to block. And due to the fact that they allow advert of various kinds, you can get high CPC and impression and quickly earn.

The world is going digital and the Advert world is following the trend. You can monetize your blog using A-ads network with ease. No long wait for approval, no official verification needed. Fast withdrawal and vast variety of advert options to choose from.

A-ads advertising network is a better alternative to google adsense. It works fast and with the right technique you’ll make more money every month. In our next article we’ll disuss the best way toplace your A-ads banner and generate more revenue from your blog.


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