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Mobile App Banking: A Better Way To Bank At Your Convenience

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With each passing day technology is evolving, the young is growing older, things are changing. The Banks are no exception. Various Banks across the globe have/has adopt or is/are adopting a new way to Bank and that is the Mobile App Banking.

Before now you get to visit your Bank for every little thing you wish to do. Be it deposit of money, withdrawal of funds and even checking your account balance. But how about doing all your banking transaction from home with just a single App in your mobile device? sounds cool right.

In this article we’ll try and introduce you to a new way of Banking that most Banks are adopting. This new way of banking not only make banking easy but it also makes it fun. Are you ready, lets delve into Mobile App Banking.

What Is Mobile App Banking

Mobile App Banking or Mobile Banking is a way of banking that allows users to do almost all Banking operations from a single Bank App Installed in their mobile device. It is one of the many modern ways of banking.

Basic And Advance Features Of Mobile App Banking

There are lots of things you can do with your Bank Mobile App. The features of these Apps from Banks make it possible to do the following

Basic Features

  1. Transfer of Money: Yes with your Banking App you don’t need to visit the Bank physical building to transfer money to another bank. You can sit at your home and send money to all your clients, pay for goods or services rendered.
  2. Airtime Top Up: You can easily top up your mobile line and that of your family and friends anytime, anywhere.
  3. Account Balance: Checking your Bank Account balance is even easier as you can easily do it from anywhere anytime you feel like.
  4. Buy Data: Low on data while browsing, not to worry just sign into your Bank App and get data in no time.
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Advance Features

These features of Mobile Bank Apps is not commonly used by many people. In fact not all the features listed below are available in All Bank Apps just yet. Some features might be available in your Bank Apps but not available in another Bank App. So lets get to know these features

  1. Pay Bills: With your Bank App you can easily Pay Bills. you can pay Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Cable Subscription etc. Most people don’t know this feature exists in their Bank App. You can get your Bank App today,Navigate to the Pay Bill section and see how easy it is to pay these bills. you don’t have to stand in long Queues anymore. Mobile Banking got you covered.
  2. Loan Options: You can Apply for Loans using your Mobile Banking App. This is one feature that is not available in all Bank App. You can pick your Bank App, log in and see if this option is available.
  3. Insurance: Most Banks have partnered with top Insurance companies. Some Banks even offer insurance services. And with your Mobile Banking App you can easily get any type of Insurance all at home.
  4. Investment Options: This is another very important aspect of Mobile Banking that is not been utilized. Mobile Banking Apps link you to legit low risk investment options. This option helps you to securely invest and earn passively while you carry on your day to day activity.
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Benefits Of Mobile App Banking

There are lots of benefits of using your Banks App. Below are some of the reasons and we hope they help you get to activate your Mobile Banking.

  1. Easy Banking.
  2. Fast processing of transactions as all transaction process is automated.
  3. Access to 24 hour online support system.
  4. Banking from the comfort of your home and at your own convenience.
  5. Saves you some money. Imagine paying for cab/taxi to and from your bank just to make a transfer that can be done with your mobile device.
  6. You don’t have to stand in the long queue of banking halls.
Requirements To Activate Your Mobile App Banking

The best part of the Mobile Banking App is that it is very easy to set up and it takes less than 10 minutes to finish the set up.

  1. You need to own Bank Account with the said Bank.
  2. A Valid debit card.
  3. A Good mobile device.
  4. Good internet connection.
  5. Download the Bank App from the Google Playstore, Windows Store or Apple Store.
How To Spot a Fake Mobile Banking App

There are lots of fake Apps online. To know the real App is very easy. Just look at the App developer to see if its your Bank. For example Chase Bank Mobile App will only be developed by the Chase Bank. So if the developer is not Chase Bank then its a fake App.

List Of Mobile Banking Apps In the United States And Nigeria

Now you have seen that there are good reasons why you activate your Mobile App Banking today. It is even easier to activate than you might have imagined. get started today and enjoy banking with ease. Please use the share button below to share our post on Facebook and Twitter.


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