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Jamaican Stock Exchange Soon to be first Stock to Trade Crypto

Free cryptocurrency trading platform soon to be launch

Jamaican stock exchange on Tuesday has announced that the organization is partnering with the company Blockstation by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

It has always been the interest of Jamaican stock exchange to provide for his client the ability to invest in digital assets. And with the MoU signed, it enables the JSE customers ability to trade blockchain tokens within a secure and regulatory framework.

According to the JSE, the Canadian-based Blockstation will help facilitate the crypto-trading services.

JSE says that Blockstation’s network is well suited for managing digital currency trades, and the clearing and settlement of blockchain tokens.

The two organizations believe the agreement will be a milestone as it could become the first international stock exchanges that will allow cryptocurrency trades. At the moment only digital currency futures, options, and exchange-traded notes are traded in a regulated stock exchange type of environment. JSE has been working with Blockstation by completing tests and hosting a successful live workshop with brokerage members and local regulators.

“We are very comfortable moving forward based on the training and support provided by Blockstation, and because their trading platform incorporates familiar compliance rules to ensure a fair marketplace.”

According to Marlene Street Forrest, the managing director of JSE, said: “We are excited to implement this service with our clients, satisfying considerable investor interest in digital assets. We are also proud to be at the forefront of bringing innovation to capital markets,”

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