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Is Western Union The Same As MoneyGram

Western Union And MoneyGram

If you have heard of Western Union then you must have heard of MoneyGram and Vice Versa. But is Western Union same as MoneyGram? What are the differences and similarities? Don’t think too much, this article will answer these questions for you.

What is Western Union And MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram are both international money transfer companies that is in the United States. They both help people transfer send money from across borders of countries. Transfer made by Western Union and MoneyGram can be picked up at any of their agent location worldwide.

So in its simplest sense Western Union is not MoneyGram. But they do share some similarities and they have their differences.

What Are The Differences Between Western Union And MoneyGram
  • The very first difference is in the name. One is called Western Union and the other is called MoneyGram. Okay now that is a funny one right but it’s a difference.
  • Both are own and manage by two different teams.
  • They are situated in two different location. Western Union headquarters is at Denver, Colorado whole MoneyGram headquarters is at Dallas Texas.
  • Both companies have different websites.
  • They use separate mobile apps for their operations.
What Are The Similarities Between Western Union And MoneyGram
  • Their primary objective is to send money across the globe.
  • They have similar working principles.
  • Both companies are from the United States. With one having its headquarters in Denver and Dallas.
  • Western Union and MoneyGram supports online transactions.
  • They makes use of Agents across the world to help process their transactions.
  • They have similar rules when to comes to pick up.
  • Use of MTCN or some code to track all transactions.
  • The use of valid government ID card to successfully pick up money at agent location.

Western Union is not same with MoneyGram but they have similar goals. Their mode of operations and policy are almost same. This is what makes it hard for one to separate one from the other.

Which one is better between Western Union and MoneyGram. Please tell us the one you are using via your comment below. If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section below. Also help share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using the share buttons below.


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