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How To Win Over N1 Million Naira In The Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme

Fidelity Personal Savings Scheme
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Ever heard of the Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme? do you know that you can possible win more than N1 Million Naira from the Loyalty Scheme offered by Fidelity Bank. Well if you have been banking with Fidelity Bank for a while now, maybe its time you enjoy been their customer.

Fidelity Bank is throwing about N700 Million into the air and you can be among the beneficiaries. As an Account Holder with the Bank,you stand a good chance of winning more than N1 Million naira.

In this article, Mntrends will explain what the Loyalty Scheme means and how you can possible be among the winners. Note that there are monthly winners and even N150,000 scholarship for persons with the Sweeta Savings Account.

What Is Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme

The Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme is a package organized by Fidelity Bank to reward Loyal customers of the Bank. It is targeted at customers with Savings Account that have high Savings with the Bank.

There is more than N700 Million Naira to be shared among customers by the Bank every month. Qualified Account holders are contacted by the Bank and given further instructions on hoe to proceed.

How To Participate In Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme

To participate in the Loyalty Scheme you have to meet some basic b requirements. Well it is expected, you don’t expect N1 Million to fall from the sky. But hey don’t be scared requirements are very easy.

1. Fidelity Savings Bank Account:

This is the very first requirement. There is no way you can get into the Loyalty Scheme without been a customer of Fidelity Bank. Below are types of Fidelity Bank Savings Account

2. Save some amount of money:

Fidelity Bank wants to test your Loyalty through savings. You have to tell the Bank that you trust them enough to save some certain amount of money with them.

3. Limit Number of Withdrawals:

The Bank wants you to keep the money with them so frequent withdrawals is not accepted. For example, to get your full interest, one should not make more than 4 withdrawals within a month. Now that is just for Interest how much more the chance to win N1 million naira.

4. Save More and Earn More:

The said N700 is shared among customers every year. This means that the more money you save for a year, the higher your chances of qualifying.

Quick Tip: To easily qualify,you can get more than one Fidelity Bank Savings Account. This way you save money with one to enable you qualify and you can use the other for your daily transactions.

For example, lets say you open the Fidelity Bank FSA above, you use that one for your daily transaction. Then you open the HYSA above and use that to qualify for the Loyalty Scheme. Truth is its very easy to open a Fidelity Bank Account and it can be done Online within five minutes.

If you are Fidelity Bank customer then you deserve to make some money from Banking with them. The Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme in one such way you can benefit from banking with Fidelity Bank.

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