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How To Win 1.25 Million Naira From FirstBank Of Nigeria

Win 1.25 Million Naira From FirstBank

The FirstBank of Nigeria is giving out 1.25 Million Naira to its customer. And you can be among the lucky winners. To win 1.25 Million Naira from FirstBank, you have to meet some requirements and surprisingly they are very simple.

You might ask, why is FirstBank giving away 1.25 Million Naira. Well it is obvious that it is definitely not the Xmas season. Mntrends thinks that this give away is tied to the recent 125 years anniversary celebrated by the Bank.

In recent month, FirstBank have been announcing and alerting the general public about its 125 years anniversary. The event have come and gone but it seems the bank still have some goodies store for the public.

How To Participate And 1.25 Million Naira from FirstBank Of Nigeria

Now lets get to the fun part of this article. How can you possibly be among the winners of this give away. For starters we don’t know for sure how many people will eventually emerge winners in this give away.

However, we do know that there would be more than one persons to enjoy from this offer. Secondly we can’t categorically say if anyone can participate or just FirstBank account holders. To be sure, you can just easily create a FirstBank Account Online within few minutes.

To be part of this 1.25 Million Naira FirstBank give away you need to have Facebook account.

Then you have to follow FirstBank official Facebook page. As it seems that this giveaway is a Facebook campaign.

There will likely be questions and answers. Because the official post on FirstBank Facebook page reads “Go to our facebook page-www.facebook.com/firstbankofnigeria/ if you are a true wordsmith and stand a chance to be our big winner”.

If it is really related to questions and answer, Mntrends can’t say what sort of questions will be asked. But the post was also tagged “FirstBanAt125” which means that all questions might be related to the bank history and accomplishment.

So there you go, we have tried our best to put this article together to help you try and win a whooping 1.25 Million Naira. You might just win 1.25 Million Naira from FirstBank. But you can also share this post to bring others in on board to win too.

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