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How To Sign Up For Chase Bank Online Banking

Chase Bank Online Banking

Want to activate your Chase bank online banking and you don’t know how. We bring you step by step guide with pictures on how you can successfully activate your Chase bank online banking. Please note that these steps are based on the internet banking registration of the Chase bank. Please use the search tab to search for internet banking of other banks(e.g just type Fidelity bank internet banking in the search tab). Although the procedures are almost similar but they are not same.


To successfully activate online banking for your chase account you need to have the following credentials

  1. You Social Security Number.
  2. Any Chase Account Number or Application Number.
  3. Tax ID Number (Important for commercial).
  4. Your chase registered phone number.
  5. Your chase registered email address.
  6. Credit card or Loan Number(Important for commercial)

Now that you have the above details you are set to register for your chase account. Follow the steps below

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1. First you need to visit the official website of the Chase Bank.
2. Click on the NOT ENROLLED? SIGN UP NOW button that appears on the homepage(Usually at the top right of the website for desktop and laptop users).
3. A new page will come up with different options, Personal Chase Account, Business Chase Account or Commercial Chase Account.

Chase Bank Online Banking

4. The first stage is for you to verify yourself. Here you will type in your Social Security Number, Account Number and select your username. Click the NEXT button.

5. For persons who want’s to open the Chase Commercial Account the requirement is slightly different. Your Tax ID Number, Deposit Account, Card or Loan Number is needed here. Click NEXT button.

Chase Bank Online Banking

6. When you are through with the personal and account verification stage, you will now need to fill the contact page. We call this the contact page because this is how Chase will contact you and communicate with you. They usually request for your Mobile phone number or email address(Usually the ones you used when you first created your chase account).

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7. You will need to select a password of the account. The next page is usually the security question page. Here you are ask to give answers to at least five questions. its important you remember these answers as they will be asked anytime you attempt log in or try to make a transfer from your account online.

8. You should now be redirected to log in. Type in your username, your password and answer at least one security question to have access to your dashboard.

See its that simple. Follow the steps above and within 5 minutes at most you have activated your Chase bank online banking. Remember to keep your username, password and answers to your security questions secure. It is important to note that you are the security to your own account when it comes to online banking. Don’t give out details that will compromise your account else Chase bank can do little or nothing to help you.


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