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How to Open A UBA Bank Account From Home Within Minutes

UBA Bank Account

Do you need a new bank account, maybe a secondary bank account. Or would you like to open a bank account for a sibling and you are scared of standing in queues in the banking hall. Good news you can now actually open a bank account even from your bathroom. Its easy and super fast.

What you think its a joke OK just grab your mobile device and follow the steps below you will be surprised. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes if you have good internet connection and you should be done with the UBA bank account registration process. QUICK NOTE: It’s even faster if you already have a BVN


1. CLICK HERE to visit the UBA registration page (Use this link if you have BVN).
2. CLICK HERE to visit the UBA registration page (Use this link if you don’t have a BVN).
3. The UBA bank application form to open account will come up. Fill the form accordingly.

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If you have a BVN your form will look like the picture below

If you do not have a BVN then your form will look like the picture below

The form for those without BVN is a bit much so take your time to fill all the required details.

4. After the above step, the next step is about your OTP AUTHENTICATION. Here you confirm the method you want to use in receiving your OTP (OTP is One Time Password. Usually generated when you are making a huge sum of transaction from your UBA bank account). There is also the option of opening a Diaspora account, Please CLICK HERE to know more about UBA Diaspora account and step by step guide to register for that account.
5. The next page is your address and signature. Here to give details about where you live. Note that the address here is sued as your billing address hence its important you use a valid one.

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6. The next page is the finish page. Where further instructions will likely be given to you by the bank. A preview of all your application form and you just opened a UBA bank account.

See how fast that was and how easy it is to open a UBA bank account. While this step might be that of UBA bank, its procedures are also useful for those who wants to open a bank account with other banks. Specific articles about opening bank accounts with different banks will be released soon. Stay tune and subscribe to this blog. Also share this article on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to reach more people.


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