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How To Make Money From Nigeria Banks With Ease

Make Money From Nigeria Banks
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Have you ever wondered if you could possibly make money from Nigeria Banks? Well at first glance it seems that Nigeria Banks only take money from you. But what if there are ways you could be making money from these Banks. Would like to give it a try and see if it will work for you.?

The primary purpose of banks is to take money from you and Nigeria Banks are pretty good in collecting your money. In fact it is easier to put your money in Nigeria Banks but getting it out is not that simple. Do you know that it requires little documents to open a bank account but more documents are needed for you to make withdrawals?

Amidst these saga is a simple but not often noticed mode, “Making money from Nigeria Banks”. Well i’m not telling you that you can just walk into any Nigeria Bank and ask for money you didn’t put there. But there are things you can do to get money from Nigeria Banks and we’ll give you some ideas in this article.

How To Make Money From Nigeria Banks

Below are some ways you can easily be making money from Nigeria Banks

  1. Participate in any Nigeria Bank promo
  2. Save more and earn more from Nigeria Banks
  3. Join in the Nigeria Bank weekly giveaways
  4. Follow them on social media and join in monthly raffle draws
  5. Refer customers using your referral ID and get paid
  6. Open a fixed deposit account

1. Participate In Any Nigeria Bank Promo: This is perhaps the best way to make money from any Nigeria Bank. Nigeria Banks are giving away millions of Naira every year win their promos. So if you want to make money from Nigeria Banks you have to keep a date with them and participate in these promos.

Recently, FirstBank, Fidelity Bank, UBA Bank and FCMB have all opened their website and announce their promo dates. Mntrends got you covered and brought details about these promos. Read more about these promos below

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2. Save More and Earn More From Nigeria Banks: The power or the engine that keeps every bank alive is money. Hence Nigeria Banks encourage you to save money with them instead of withdrawing them. In a bid to make customers save more, Nigeria Banks offer higher interest rates for persons who didn’t make withdrawals four times a month.

So if you think participating in bank promos is too much of a task, then try leaving your money in bank. Well that should be easy if you have lots of cash or spare cash for use. Simply save more with your bank and earn more from them.

3. Join In Nigeria Banks Weekly Giveaways: Now this is one easy way to make money from Nigeria Banks.The best part of Nigeria Banks weekly giveaway is that other gifts are also up for grabs.

In their weekly giveaways, Nigeria Banks also give out phones, laptops, TV etc. FirstBank recently sponsored some of its customers to Dubai who were the winners of a giveaway organize by the bank. To participate in weekly giveaways, simply follow your bank on social media(Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

4. Win Monthly Raffle Draws: Nigeria Banks are also organizing monthly raffle draws where customers could win from hundred of thousands to millions of Naira. To participate in these raffle draws you need to be active on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You also need to be following your Bank on these platforms.

So get your mobile device to good use now. Posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is good but making some few extra bucks is way better. Post less pictures and videos, focus on getting something from your bank today.

5. Use Your Bank Referral ID: Although not currently available in all Nigeria Banks,but some Nigeria Banks pay its old customers for referring new customers. When filling FCMB bank account form online, you’ll be ask to present a customer referral ID. This ID is used to track and give a little something to your referral.

While the money paid to referrals might not be that much(we don’t actually know that in details) but nothing compares to free money. The likes of UBA and Access Bank also have this feature.

6. Open A Fixed Deposit Account: Earlier we stated that Banks function smoothly when there is money in the system. Hence they give more interest to persons who make less withdrawals monthly. Well, Fix Deposit Account is whole new ball game.

In fact persons with Fixed Deposit Account enjoy larger share of interest depending on the terms and conditions. So if you want to make money from your Bank try getting a fix deposit account and you’ll earn some extra cash at the end of the stipulated time.

So who said you can’t make money from Nigeria Banks. You can and you should consider getting something from them. Be active on social media, learn the habit of saving more and you’ll see how it all turns out.

Tell us your experience participating in any Nigeria Bank promo using the comment section below. Don’t hesitate to share our articles on Facebook and Twitter using the share button below.


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