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How To Get GTBank Salary Advance Loan

GTBank Salary Advance Loan

Are you a government worker or a worker in a well known private organization. Would you like to get a soft loan to take care of some expenses upfront. Well then the GTBank Salary advance loan might just be what you need. GTBank uses this soft loan to help workers pay for unexpected expenses among other things.

What Is GTBank Salary Advance Loan

GTBank salary advance loan is a type of loan offered by GTBank to help workers borrow some money from the bank. The money is then gradually deducted from their salary monthly till its fully paid.

With the GTBank salary advance loan, you can borrow up to 50% of your total salary.  This means that if your salary is N500,000 you can borrow up to N250,000 from GTBank. This done so that you will also have part of your salary left in your account monthly.

Contrary to what most people think, GTBank won’t empty your account. And you won’t be overly charge for the loan. In fact GTBank designed this loan offer in such a way that will only take a month for you to pay back. With just 50% of your salary gone,  you can easily pay off the debt in first month and apply again.

Features And Benefits Of The GTBank Salary Advance Loan
  • You can borrow up to of 50% of net monthly salary in advance.
  • The salary advance loan lasts for 30 days and its renewable.
  • GTBank won’t require any collateral for this loan offer. All that is required is that you should be receiving your salary with GTBank.
  • Minimum salary of N 25,000 for public sector and N 50,000 for private sector employees.
  • Salary advance will be made available within 24 hours.
How To Apply For GTBank Salary Advance Loan
  • Simply login to Internet Banking
  • Dial *737*8*2# to apply
  • Visit any GTBank branch or ATM near you

The above are three ways to apply for the GTBank Salary advance loan.

Who Can Apply For The GTBank Salary Advance Loan

Only GTbank customers that receives their salary with GTBank account have access to the credit or loan facility. If you are not a GTBank customer you can’t get this loan from the bank.  If you are a GTBank customer but don’t receive your salary with GTBank then you can’t get this loan too.


GTBank is trying to make it easy for workers to have access to money even before their salaries are paid. While the salary advance loan from GTBank might be very small but it is also very easy to get the loan. It is also very easy to payback the loan.

Starting from salary earners of N25,000 you can apply and get a salary advance loan from GTBank. If you have any questions please use the comment section below. Share our posts on Facebook and Twitter using the share button below.



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