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How To Get Free Cryptocurrency From Coinbase Earn Program

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Everyone wants to know more about Cryptocurrency. Even more than knwoing cryptocurrency, everyone wants to get their hands on some free cryptocurrency. Well your search for free Crypto is about to come to an end as coinbase earn program is here for you.

Coinbase recently acquired a program known as earn. The earn program was designed by their formal chief of technology(CTO) Balaji S Srinivasan. The purpose of the earn program is for Crypto users to earn free cryptocurrency as they watch videos.

About Coinbase Earn A Crypto Education Reward Program

The program Earn.com was created by BalajiĀ  S Srinivasan who was the chief technology for coinbase. It helps cryptocurrency users to earn crypto by watching videos and answering some questions.

The program was bought by coinbase and officially added to their project. Coinbase are now owners of this project that responsible for cryptocurrency users to want crypto from. Watching videos.

How Does The Coinbase Earn Program Works

The working principles of the Coinbase earn program is very easy to understand. It can be broken down into four stages. First get a free coinbase account, second go to Earn.com, third apply to watch any video on the earn website and lastly answer the questions after each video.

For watching and answering these quiz, coinbase will then reward you with some number of Cryptocurrency. It’s watching and answering some few questions, it’s that simple.

However it seem that coinbase will have to confirm if you are eligible for this offer. This offer will only last for a limited time so the earlier you apply the better chance you get.

In a block.one event held in Washington D.C, Tim Wagner who is the vice president of engineering for coinbase alongside Balaji S Srinivasan announced the addition of EOS to list of available cryptocurrency in the Coinbase program.

The maximum cryptocurrency up for grabs in the coinbase program is $10 worth of EOS. Other cryptocurrency available to be eared are XLM, ZEC, BAT and ZRX.

While we don’t expect lots of cryptocurrencies to be thrown into the air with this coinbase earn program, it’s also a good way for newbies to learn more about various cryptocurrencies. So here is you chance to earn as you learn.


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