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How To Easily Earn 0.5 Bitcoin In 2 Hours Using Blockchain Miner Pro


Updated: Please we encourage all readers and visitors to stop using this App. After lots of test and experiments, we found out that the App is a scam and only steals bitcoin from its users. The App was uploaded by DevTech in YouTube. Please disregard any info about this App. This article can’t be removed from our blog as it will turn error in our Google search console. So please read this update and ignore this article.


Please Read This: The Truth About Blockchain Miner Pro Application For Bitcoin Mining

The Blockchain Miner Pro is a desktop application design to mine bitcoin for it’s users at a relatively fast rate. The Blockchain Miner Pro comes with an already registered mining pool and inner mining processor to assist mine high bitcoin to your account. Please Note that this Application is usually paid for in the web but we are uploading here for free download.

It is very important to point out that all Mining software are seen by Windows Defender software as Malware, so to successfully install this Application you need to disable the Windows defender.


1. You can download the Blockchain Miner Pro for free HERE

2. Open the Application and register. Registration is easy, just provide the needed information.

3. Log in using the username you registered and password

4. Go to wallet tab and input your bitcoin wallet address. this is very important because your mined bitcoin will be sent to this address.

5.  Go to mining tab and select the setting you wish to use for mining the bitcoins. See picture below of how to manage setting below

Now you can click on start and watch as you start to mine bitcoins. Note that the number of bitcoins you can mine depends on the processing speed of your PC. After mining for 0.01 bitcoin, you can decide to withdraw your bitcoin to your wallet.

Click on Stop, then select withdraw and follow the onscreen instruction. You will be required to send a mining fee of about 0.008 bitcoin to a wallet address. Send this bitcoin and wait for instant confirmation and your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet immediately.


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  2. Hi there are two sites available with same name blockchain minerpro.info and blockchain minerpro.net. Which is scam and which is legit? Both sites call each other as fake. Are both sites fake?

  3. Hello,
    Both sites are fake one is a free domain name parked by goDaddy and the other is unreachable with a dot com domain. Our advice is don't use any of the sites.

    Warm Regards

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