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How To Earn Free Bitcoin Every Hour With Your Mobile Phone | Tested and Trusted

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There are lots of platform that offers to give free bitcoin or even double the value of your bitcoin. But Team Mntrends discovered that most of these sites are fraud and after series of testing, we found out there is a website that gives free bitcoin every hour 24/7. All you need to do is stay online and be getting these free bitcoin after 60 minutes.


The website alone is like a wallet address provider, they also mine bitcoin and also provide a kind of gambling bet for you to multiply your bitcoin. On sign up, you will see a button below the page named “ROLL” a click on this button will give you a free bitcoin of about 0.00000048. The “ROLL” button will then disappear only to appear 60 minutes later when you are due to receive another free bitcoin.



1. To sign up click HERE be sure to fill in a valid email to make retrieving your account possible
2. Immediately after sign up, click the ROLL button and start earning BTC every hour.
3. Be sure to check in 60 minutes time to click the ROLL button again. Remember that you can earn as much bitcoin as you want everyday by just clicking on the ROLL button every 60 minutes.
4. Next is for you to add your bitcoin wallet address. To do this, go to your profile, select CHANGE WALLET ADDRESS and change it.
5. You can also try to multiply your bitcoin by playing a simple HI-LO game.


This platform also give you a percentage return of bitcoin you keep with them, so you can transfer you bitcoin from your wallet and be earning free percentage everyday for keeping them in the website.
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