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How To Apply For The Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

In one of our Articles we wrote details about the Wells Fargo bank Student loan. This loan option comes with multiple choice as noted in this Article. This article is to help guide you through the steps of applying for the Wells Fargo bank student loan.

While this article might not be perfect but it sure gives you a heads up on what you should expect. The Wells Fargo bank student loan application form is filled online hence we took out time to take screenshot to help you through the process.


1. You need to visit the Wells Fargo bank find my loan application form portal.

2. Now select from the list of available loan option the option that best suites you. Note that this is the start of your application process hence selecting the right option will help you complete the process. See sample picture below.

Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

Quick Note: For the sake of the guide we’ll select the first option Undergraduate Expenses. But note that following this guide you should be able to complete the other available options with ease.

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3. After Selecting the Undergraduate Expenses above two option comes up. I Am Student and I Am a Parent, Sponsor or Cosigner. If you are a student applying yourself select the first option. But if you a parent and applying on behalf of your child please select the first option. See Sample picture below.

Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

Quick Note: For the sake of this guide we’ll be selecting the I Am Student option. However following this guide will also help parents or sponsor complete the application form for their child/children.

4. Fill the form as appropriate providing all required details including name of your school, state, level, course of study and citizenship click the FIND MY LOAN button. See sample picture below.

Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

5. The new page comes up with an overview of your loan which includes interest rate, the minimum and maximum you can borrow, discount etc. Just browse through this page and check if you like what you see. See sample picture below.

Wells Fargo Bank Student Loan

If you like what you see from the above picture then click on the GET STARTED to begin the loan application process.

  • Employment and income information for the cosigner (if there is one) and the borrower (optional)
  • Permanent U.S. address
  • Academic term – Popup you’ll use the loan
  • Anticipated college graduation date
  • Cost of attendance
  • Estimated amount of financial assistance – Popup you expect to receive

The Wells Fargo student loan application is in four stages. The first stage is where you complete your application. Here you provide basic details about yourself. If you already have a Wells Fargo bank account you can select the option and your details will be prefilled after you provide your Wells Fargo bank account number. If you don’t have a Wells Fargo bank account then you need to fill in your details manually. Details require includes, Full Name, Social Security Number(SSN) and your Date of Birth(DOB).

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The second stage is providing the required documents above. Please you can see the needed documents from the sub-heading Things you need to apply for Wells Fargo student loan. After uploading all required documents you will now be able to access the third stage which is signing the loan documents.

The signing the loan document stage is the third stage. Here you have to review the terms and conditions applied to the loan, select how much you need, get to know the interest rate and payback time. Usually you have to tick the I Accept the Terms and Condition button before you can proceed. Note that this can also be done manually by visiting any Wells Fargo branch nearest to you.

The last and final stage is the receive your fund stage. If you have an account with Wells Fargo this is super easy as your funds will just be credited to your almost immediately after approval. If you don’t have account with Wells Fargo you will have to wait a little to get your funds transferred.

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Wells Fargo Loan applications are usually approved within 7 working days. But we doubt the Wells Fargo bank student loan will take that long. Follow this step by step guide to assist you in securing a student loan from Wells Fargo bank today.


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