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How Long Do You Think Bitcoin and Other Crypto Will Survive

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 This question goes out to everyone, those who uses bitcoin(and any other crypto) and those who are against the use of these crypto-currencies. For investors and miners, cryptos are definitely here to stay till thy kingdom come but for persons who are against, crypto is just another huge fraud to steal money from the masses.

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Which ever way you view it, we Team_Mntrends believe that everyone must have an opinion about bitcoin and other cyrptos. But the simple truth still remains that, for as long as there are set of persons who are ready to trade cryptos, crypto won’t go anywhere. In fact, crypto draws its strength from demands, which means that the more people demand for the use of crypto, the more powerful it becomes.

It seems the only way to completely shut down the use of crypto is to stop the masses/general public from using crypto. And the only way to partially/fully successfully achieve this is for the government of all Nations around the world to pass a law against the use of crypto in every country. The ultimate question is, Is that even Possible?

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Crypto users, miners, investors and spectators can only sit back and watch how the crypto market will turn out at the end of everyday. We will be here to give you updates as it arrives so do well to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Mntrendsblog and also like our Facebook Page “Mntrends Blog” for latest updates.


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