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How I Applied For Chase Bank Auto Loan Within 5 Minutes

Chase Bank Auto Loan

Applying for the Chase bank auto loan can be very simple. But if you know the steps to applying for the Chase bank auto loan the process can be even easier. The good part of the Chase auto loan is that the application is online.

In this article we’ll give a step by step guide with picture on how you can apply for the chase bank auto loan. The online application process is easy and straight forward.

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Before you visit the online application portal, you need some credentials. Lets get you to understand the things you need to successfully apply for the Chase auto loan.

  • Your Date of birth.
  • They also need your Social Security Number.
  • Specify your Country of citizenship.
  • Marital status (Applies for Wisconsin only).
  • A valid and accessible email address.
  • Current home address.
  • Primary telephone number.
  • Previous address (if at current address less than 3 years).
  • Provide your Residence status (own or rent).
  • Monthly mortgage or rent payment.

Other information needed may also include your employment status and credit score.

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How To Apply For Chase Bank Auto Loan

1. Visit the Chase auto loan application portal CLICK HERE. The page will request you to select a co-applicant(This is important to help you secure the loan quickly. Co-applicant usually increase your chances of getting the auto loan approved. But note that this is not compulsory).

Next option is the customer option. You will be asked if you are Chase customer. If you tick the YES option you will be required to sign into your Chase online banking account. This will help in getting your personal information and will make the application process faster. In this step by step guide we’ll be selecting the I’m not a customer and i don’t need a co-applicant option. See picture below.

Chase Bank Auto Loan

2. Click the NEXT button to move to the next stage of the auto loan application process. This stage is about your personal information. It include your Full-name (First-name, middle-name and Surname). You SSN, address etc are required in this stage.

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Some of the details required are optional. This means that they are not needed to complete the application process. You won’t need to fill this form if you already have an account with Chase bank. Reason because all the required details will be prefilled from the information they have about you.See the screenshot below.

Chase Bank Auto Loan

3. Now that you details have been saved, you can now select the details of the car you plan to buy. the details include the model of the car. It can also be a used car or a new car. The price range will be set and you can now move to the next stage after you choose a suitable car.

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4. Here is about your car dealer. The details of the car and how much is in this stage. You will also get to know the location of the car dealer and details about the dealer.

5. Lastly you have to secure an amount of the loan. You also get to choose the term of the loan. You can use this Simple Auto Loan calculator to see how your auto loan will look like.

If the process is successful you should get your auto loan within days after application. Please note that this is just to serve as a guide to applying for the Chase bank auto loan. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before you apply.


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