Home Bank GTBank Food Industry Credit: Loan For Persons Who Owns Restaurants

GTBank Food Industry Credit: Loan For Persons Who Owns Restaurants

Food Industry Credit
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With lots of business loans available online and offline, it might be difficult to know which one is best for your business. But if you own a food business like a restaurant, then GTBank have just the right type of business loan for you. The GTBank Food Industry Loan or Credit is meant specifically for persons who owns food business like restaurants and fast food joints.

What Is GTBank Food Industry Credit

The GTBank Food Industry Credit is a business loan that is targeted at persons who owns and manage food business like restaurants or/and fast food. Both men and women who are GTBank customers can easily for this business loan and grow their food business.

The minimum amount of loan available is N250, 000 and the maximum amount of loan available is N5, 000, 000. The interest rate is charged at 9% per annum. Which means that a 0.75% interest rate every month.

Benefits Of The Food Industry Loan

  • Get loan up to N5 Million for your food business e.g restaurants and fast food.
  • Single digit (9% per annum) interest rate at 0.75% per month
  • No hidden fees or maintenance charge.
  • Flexible repayment plan spread over 360 days(12 months or 1 year)

Who Can Apply For The GTBank Food Industry Credit

Only persons(male and female) with a GTBank Account that owns and run a food business like restaurants or fast food can apply for this business loan. And the food business must be at the least  3 years old before it will be considered for approval.

How To Apply For The Food Business Loan

To get started with the application use This Official Link to visit the GTBank online business portal.

  • Click the continue button to visit the GAPS portal
  • Sign up or Register in the GTBank GAPS portal(GTBank business portal)
  • Enter the required details
  • Follow the onscreen instruction

The GTBank Food Industry Credit is a food business loan with a very low interest rate. If you wish to start your own restaurants or fast food then this business loan is good for you. Already own a food business and wish to expand your restaurant or fast food, then this food business loan is for you too.

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