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GMO To Launch A Mobile Game That Allows Players To Earn Bitcoin

The Japanese technology firm GMO Internet Group has announced on Thursday, how they have developed a mobile app game that will allow players to earn bitcoin simply by playing.
This new mobile app – called CryptoChips – will initially be integrated with a real-time territorial battle game also developed by GMO called “Whimsical War.” By playing the game on an iOS or Android device starting from August of this year, users can be rewarded with bitcoin based on their ranking and missions achieved inside the game.
It becomes more interesting knowing that the gamers will receive their bitcoin rewards directly from GMO. The firm kicked off its own bitcoin mining operations in December 2017, and has also slated in August as the deadline for the launch of its cloud mining service.

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In addition, the tech giant said in the announcement that the hope is to encourage the public to become familiar with cryptocurrencies via the new app, since users will need to use their own digital wallets to receive and use the bitcoin.
This therefore, is going to give public awareness of CryptoCurrencies to the public especially game players all over the world.


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