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Get Quick Loans With The Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App

Quick Loan

Everyone wants to get a quick loan to pay for almost anything. How about a Mobile App that makes it easy for you to easily borrow money. Access Bank is introducing the Quick Bucks mobile app; a mobile app that allows you to get an instant loan at relatively low interest rate. You can now sit at home and easily get quick loans from home using the Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App.

What Is The Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App

Quick Bucks is an Access Bank Mobile App that allows Nigerians who needs money urgently easily get quick loans. With the mobile app, you can easily apply for a soft loan and you get the cash credited to your Bank account almost immediately. Access bank have made it very easy and convenient to get quick loans with the Quick Bucks Mobile App.

As the name implies “Quick Bucks”, it is meant for persons who needs to get a loan for something urgent. It might be an emergency, school fees payment or something related. In any case, loans applied for with the Quick Bucks mobile app are usually paid out within hours.

There are various quick loans that you can get with the Quick Bucks mobile app. You can get a Payday loan that you can pay back after 30 days. Salary Advance loans are another type of quick loan that is available in the Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App.

Features And Benefits Of The Access Bank Quick Bucks

  • The loaned amount is credited to the borrowers account within hours.
  • Salary earners can borrow up to N500,000 depending on how much they earn monthly. Please see table below
  • There is no paperwork required to apply for this quick loan, just apply by downloading and signing into the Access bank Quick Bucks Mobile App.
  • No collateral needed
  • Loan tenure is up to 30 days. And after 30 days you can apply for the loan again provided you have paid the previous loan.
    1 Pay Day Loan Up to 75% of customer’s salary less other obligations 31 days or next Salary day
    2 Salary Advance Up to 100% of customer’s salary less other obligations (*Minimum Salary = N100,000) 3 months (90 days)
    3 Small Ticket Personal Loan Up to 200% of customer’s salary less other obligations (*Minimum Salary = N150,000) 6 months (180 days)
    4 Device Financing 30% of customer’s annual salary calculated as a factor of monthly salary less loan burden. 12 months
Who Can Apply For Access Bank Quick Bucks Loans
  • Workers in the private and public sectors who own an account with Access Bank.
  • Business owners and sole proprietors who own an account with Access Bank.
  • People who receive salaries via Access Bank.
  • Any other Access Bank customer.
  • Nigerians with an Access Bank Plc Bank account.
  • Persons who are customers of other banks are also allowed to apply for a quick loan using the Quick Bucks program.
How To Apply For The Access Bank Quick Bucks Loan
  • To get started you need to download the Quick Bucks Mobile App
  • Sign In or Sign Up for the Quick Bucks App(See steps to sign in or sign up for the QuickBucks Mobile App below).
  • Choose the loan type you need
  • Enter amount you need as loan
  • Get your loan sent t your account once approved within hours.
How To Sign Up On Access Bank QuickBucks Mobile App
  • Go to your app playstore and download the Quick Bucks Mobile App(search for Access Bank Quick Bucks or QuickBucks).
  • Enter a valid email address and BVN linked phone number(only phone numbers linked with a BVN number allowed).
  • An OTP(one time password) will be sent to your phone number via SMS for verification
    1. If SMS is unsuccessful, you can request the OTP be delivered via a voice call Or
    2. Request a push message from the App: The app sends an encrypted message to a short code. The message is decrypted and validation is done. This functionality is only applicable to customers using their BVN linked phone numbers for the transaction.
  • Upon OTP validation, create an app password (to be used to log into the app) and PIN (to be used in transactions)
  • Enter your personal details. Required detail includes:
    1. Your current location
    2. First Name, Last Name, Other Name where applicable
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Occupation: Salaried or Self Employed
    5. Place of work
    6. Salary Bank Name(The name of Bank where you receive your salary).
    7. Bank Account Number(The account number of the bank above).
    8. Closest Branch
    9. BVN(Bank verification number)
    10. Monthly Salary Amount
  • Then tick the agree/consent to the Terms and Conditions.
How To Sign In To The Quick Bucks Mobile App
  • Click the “Sign in” button
  • type in your username and password
  • All available loans product will be displayed with the amount you are eligible to access.
How To request A Quick Loan Using The Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App

The steps below are given assumed you have successfully signed into the Quick Bucks Mobile App.

  • Select the product or loan, e.g. “PayDay Loan” or “Salary Loan”
  • Indicate the loan amount (less than or equal to eligible amount) and enter the 4 Digit pin for authentication(You can not borrow amount bigger than the eligible amount displayed in the App).
  • Loan details such as Principal Amount, Monthly Interest Rate, Management Fee, Credit Life Insurance and total repayment amount is displayed for your consent.
  • You are then notified of disbursal via the App Pop-up Notification and SMS
  • Money is credited to your bank account within hours.
Things You Need Before Applying For The Access Bank Quick Bucks Quick Loans
  • A Mobile device or Mobile phone
  • The Access Bank Quick Bucks Mobile App
  • A Bank Account from any authorized bank in Nigeria
  • BVN(Bank verification number)
  • Phone number associated with your BVN

The interest rates and other related features are shown just before you apply for the loan. You need to read and understand those before you finish the loan application. Interest rates depend on the amount of the loan and duration of the loan.

However, like other quick loans from other Nigeria banks, this loan from Access bank features low interest rates. Which means that you can easily get this loan at a very good rate and it also allows you time to payback.


Any body with a Nigerian Bank account can apply for quick loans from Access Bank via the Quick Bucks mobile app. But there are terms and conditions as stated in the Access Bank Mobile App. Please be sure to understand those terms before you apply.

Quick Bucks is a fast and reliable way to get quick loans from Access Bank with ease. There might be someone who needs quick cash and you can help by sharing this post on social media. Please use the share buttons below to share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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