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Funny Conversation With A La Vita Ricca Investment Fraudster

La Vita Ricca

Few days ago someone by the name Mr Steve contacted me on WhatsApp. He said he is working with a company with the name La Vita Ricca. Well just so we are clear, La Vita Ricca is Fraud and i’m here to show proof.

I asked him which country was this company located, he said Nigeria. I asked if the company is registered with CAC(Corporate Affairs Commission) he said yes and sent me a picture with a CAC registration number on it. Been a tech guy from first sight i could tell the picture was photo-shopped or edited.

Well who edited the picture was still an amateur and i could see right through. But i decided to play along, acting like a potential customer just to gather enough information to put this post together. Below is the picture the fraudster sent about the CAC registration number.

To continue the conversation i asked him what was needed for me to activate an investment plan. He said i’ll get double of my Investment within 2 hours of investment. Like seriously, do i strike him as such a dumb person.

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Well i said that is wonderful and i asked him what they invest in that makes the money come out so fast. He said they invest in valuables like Gold, Diamond, Cryptocurrency, Forex Trade etc. I said that is nice, he should forward the registration procedures.

Within few minutes he sent me a form to fill. I asked what about their website, he said they don’t use website. I asked him why he said because of fraudsters, i laughed out loud and said look at a fraudster calling other people fraudster.

Below are the details they always request from people.

La Vita International Ricca Entrance Form

Phone Number
Date of Registration
Date of Payment
Bank Account Details

So he asked for the above details and i sent them over to him. He then sent me the investment package and below are the investment packages

Lavita International Ricca Stage of Payment

Stage One(10k get 20k)
Stage Two(20k get 40k)
Stage Three(50k get 100k)
Stage Four(100K get 200K)
Stage Five(200k get 400k)

They promised to get back your investment after two hours of investing with them and that payment is very fast.

I then asked him for a means of payment. He then sent me a FirstBank account details of one Edet Hycient Justice. I said okay, i’m interested and i would be investing 100k. Now i can only imagine his joy when he heard 100k investment. He must ordered food and drinks for his boys and friends in his HK.

I Turned The Table For The La Vita Ricca Fraudster

I said he should wait i’m making the payment. I got my Laptop out and edited a success screenshot message of UBA alert and sent it over to him. After a while he complained he has not seen the money, he asked for my debit alert from UBA Bank. No problem, i got my Laptop out and edited a debit alert from UBA and sent to him. See the edited transfer and debit alert pictures below

La Vita Ricca La Vita Ricca

All these while my guys from school around me were laughing with me. So i told him i’ll contact him after two hours for my investment returns. After two hours he kept complaining he has not seen the money. I told him to visit his bank and confirm.

Well i don’t know how much he might have spent for transport and how foolish he might have looked shouting in the banking hall. He later called to say my payment has been confirmed and that i need to pay another 50k for upgrade.

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I told him that was not part of initial agreement and that i’m not making the payment. He sent me another Zenith Bank Account number with the name Adeniji Stephen O. I told him i won’t be making payment and that he should send me 200k for my investment as previously agreed. Below are pictures of the Account details he sent me from our chat

Now he have been calling me with his airtime. He must spent more than N500 airtime trying to talk to me. Funny part is that he was using his Airtel line to call my MTN line. Well he just caught a maga naa so he had to make money.

At this point i was going for 200k not my 100k(money that i didn’t actually send anyway). So i threatened him that if he did not send me back my money i’ll track him down with the police. I gave his numbers to one of my Navy friend who called him.

Only God knows how he is feeling right now.I don’t even think he is still sleeping in his house for now. But whichever way he is a fraudster and i made sure i gave him a hard time.

The La Vita Ricca investment option is fraud and don’t fall victim for those cheap fraudsters. If you have come across thee persons please feel free to share your experience with us via the comment section below.

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