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EOS Added To The List Of Coinbase Crypto Education Reward Program

Crypto Education Reward Program

Coinbase have added EOS to the list of its crypto education reward program. This means that along with other cryptocurrencies, crypto users can now earn EOS by watching videos on Coinbase earn.

About Coinbase Crypto Education Reward Program

The program Earn.com was created by Balaji  S Srinivasan who was the chief technology for coinbase. It helps cryptocurrency users to earn crypto by watching videos and answering some questions.

The program was bought by coinbase and officially added to their project. Coinbase are now owners of this project that responsible for cryptocurrency users to want crypto from. Watching videos.

The recently departed chief of technology officer of coinbase, Balaji S Srinivasan said at an event in Washington D.C. He said“We think a large number of people will obtain crypto not by buying it or mining, but by earning it.”

With this new update, Cryptocurrency users and newbies can now earn up to $10 worth of EOS by just watching videos on Coinbase earn.

Earn.com was recently acquired by coinbase. Earn.com was founder by Balaji with the aim of allowing users to get cryptocurrency rewards for learning about various cryptocurrency protocols.

Tim Wagner who is coinbase vice president of engineering was also present at the block.one even in D.C. Alongside Balaji, they announced the addition of EOS to the earn listings.

Earn recently expanded to about 103 countries and EOS is the new cryptocurrency entry to its list fo cryptocurrency. Other cryptocurrencies available in the earn program are XLM, ZEC, BAT and ZRX.

A spokesman from coinbase has also confirmed that the EOS feature have gone live in coinbase. Which means that users can now earn EOS cryptocurrency by watching videos on Coinbase earn.

It seems that the EOS news is the underlying main news for the block.one event held in Washington D.C.

“Behind the scenes of EOS showing up on our platform, Coinbase does deep analysis,” Wagner told a crowd of several hundred EOS fans at the Block.one event in D.C

EOS first made its appearance in coinbase pro back in April. But it was only till yesterday that it has become available for cryptocurrency users to earn and use.

One of the notable statements of the even was made by Tim who said to the crowd:

"For any of us to succeed, crypto must succeed."

So to all cryptocurrency fan EOS is now part of the coinbase earn program. What other cryptocurrency do you think deserves to be listed in Crypto education reward program. Please leave us your thought in the comment section below.


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