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Crypto Forecast Imagination: What If Government and Financial Bodies Globally Declares Crypto Legal

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As said in our Facebook page, Mntrends is introducing the WHAT IF of crypto. This is simply personal thinking and imagination of what crypto(like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash etc) could/can be if some certain actions/scenario was/were/are different. you can send us this your imagination using the CONTACT US PAGE and we’ll publish it in our website giving you credit for the article. Article should have at most three WHAT IF well explained. Articles that contains abuse, foul words and 18+ pictures won’t be published. Let Mntrends show your thinking to the World.
Our First Entry Written By Kousa Miguel from Kenya, Edited and Published by Mntrends Editorial Team.

 1. WHAT IF GOVERNMENT TURN BLIND EYE TO CRYPTO: Just imagine how far the use of bitcoin would have gone. And how rich new bitcoin investors would have become. If government had left crypto alone and if there were no clamor for global regulations, other crypto like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash would have made its investors very rich. But now WHAT IF government stops poking their nose into crypto and decide to leave it alone. Then numbers of people will troop into the crypto world. Money will be lost but more money will be made and somehow sending and receiving money will be easier.

If government and financial bodies declares bitcoin and other crypto legal, then there will be more crypto investment platforms(legit and fraud alike) and people around the world will be more educated on crypto. More schools will openly take on the crypto course and the technology behind crypto will be studied. There will be more ICOs(some will collapse others will rise) and there will be more crypto in the market.
If government and financial bodies declare crytpo legal, then the public will be in charge of their money and keeping it. Then there will also be more online fraud and theft of crypto. More people will then go into crypto mining and more power supply will be needed in most places.

Written by Kousa Miguel from Kenya

The above is an example of a WHAT IF crytpo imagination, don’t forget that you can send us yours by using the CONTACT US PAGE of this website. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mntrendsblog. Subscribe to our newsletter, also like our Facebook page “Mntends Blog” and never miss out on the WHAT IF series as people from around the World tell us what they think and imagine about crypto.



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