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Civil Servant Loan: The Best Loan Options For Workers In Nigeria

Access Bank Salary Advance Loan
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Every worker need some sort of assistant at times and even civil servant needs loan too. In Nigeria, been a civil servant can be very frustrating especially when your little salary always come late. But there is a Civil Servant Loan that can just help you keep you afloat.

Civil Servant Loan, Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan can be a life saver especially when you a worker is planning for a big project. It not only help keep you going but also help you to achieve your goal within a short while.

In this article we’ll try and introduce you to a Civil Servant Loan(Salary Advance loan or Workers Loan) that reasonably good. These loan options for workers won’t take too much from and it will help you in more was than you might have imagined.

Surprisingly the best loan options for workers in Nigeria is offered by the Banks. For numerous reasons it is better for workers to secure a loan from Bank than local borrowers.

What Is Civil Servant Loan(Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan)

Civil Servant Loan(Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan) is a type of loan option that allows worker to be borrowed some amount of money for a period of time. This money is then gradually deducted from his/her salary over a period of time.

Why Choose Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan

For number of reasons it is good a Nigerian Worker opt in for this type of loan. See some reasons below

  1. Ease of repayment: This is true as you won’t have to go and look for money to payback. For workers with their salary account in the Bank, the Bank just deduct the money gradually from their salary.
  2. Can be used to finance big projects like tarting a business, building a house etc.
  3. Relatively easy to secure this loan option. All requirements are not so hard to get especially for government workers.
  4. Interest rate associated with this loan type is relatively low.
  5. It offers a long term payment system.
  6. You still get to pend some money even during the loan. Another interesting fact about the is that the whole of your salary is not usually deducted. You still have something to spare every month.
Where To Get The Best Salary Loans In Nigeria

There are lots of financial institutions and corporate bodies that offers loan to workers in Nigeria. But the best lender will have to be the banks.

First, the Banks won’t task you too much considering you are their customer. Secondly Banks won’t deduct everything from you as they will gradually take back the loan over a period of time.

Another reason why Bank is the best salary loan option is that you won’t have to fall for scam online. You can easily visit of the Bank branch near you and request for complete details. Lastly, interest rate from Banks are relatively flexible and reasonable.

General Requirements To Get Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria

It is important to note that the requirement varies from one bank to another.But this requirement is the general requirement and it will likely be requested for in any bank you visit to apply for this Loan in Nigeria.

  • Application letter
  • Personal Loan Application form(Obtain this from the Bank of your choice)
  • Payslip
  • Have an active Salary Account with the Bank
  • Statement of accounts(If you have more than one account)
  • Applicant’s letter of total emolument
  • Confirmation of applicant’s employer on the preferred bank approved list
  • Letter of irrevocable domiciliation of salary for the duration of the facility.
  • Complete the form and submit at the nearest Bank branch
Best Banks In Nigeria That Offers Salary Advance Loan

There are more than 20 commercial banks in Nigeria and they all offer this type of loan. Below are the best banks in Nigeria to apply for a Salary Advance Loan.

  1. FirstBank Of Nigeria
  2. Access Bank plc
  3. GTBank(Guarantee Trust Bank)
  4. UBA(United Bank of Africa)
  5. Zenith Bank
  6. Union Bank

Civil Servants deserve to enjoy a little more, get to build houses and drive cars of their choice. The Civil Servant Loan(Workers Loan or Salary Advance Loan) is one way to let off some steam. you can try and apply for this loan type from the banks above. Feel free to tell us your experience with any Bank when you applied for a loan using the comment section below. Please use the share button below to share our posts on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Thank you very much for this piece.
    However, salary advance loan has been made so easy that one may not really rely on banks to source these loans.

    The advent of technology had made it so easy that you can source your salary advance loan from the comfort of your home lifting just a finger on your mobile phone.

    To source these loans, you will have to be an employee of a reputable organization and may be required to reside within specific areas for ease of assessment.

    The likes of pay later, zedvance, crediville etc are all active players in this industry.
    The loan is usually paid back in installment. Interest rate depends on duration and amount being sourced.

    Note: Loan is disbursed with respect to your monthly salary in view of risk appetite just in case.
    There’s hope!!!


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