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Chinese Crypto Ranking: EOS #1, ETH 2nd, Bitcoin Ranked 10th (full List)


China has updated its cryptocurrency ranking. Bitcoin has significantly improved, making the top 10 list for the first time. In last month list, Bitcoin ranked 16th but now it has improved tremendously.

EOS still continue to maintain it’s top spot. This is the fourth cryptocurrency ranking by China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID). And so far, EOS has always claimed the top spot while others follows.

Ethereum on the other hand, claimed the 2nd spot this month, just behind EOS.

See the full lists belowBitcoin ranked 10th

The cryptocurrency monthly ranking is carried out by China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), under the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. And they’ve been consistent for the past four months in releasing the lists. The new list consists of 33 crypto projects, two more than the previous list.

The center began ranking 28 crypto projects in May. The following month it added 2 more projects : EOS and Nebulas. Last month one more was added: Gxchain. This month two more public chains were added: NULS and Tezos.

The CCID explained that its assessment “mainly examines the basic technology, application and innovation of public chains,” adding:
“The current model is basically the same as the previous one, and only some data accounting methods have been revised. In terms of the composite index, the three public chains with the highest increase in scores compared to the previous period were EOS, Nano and Komodo, and the three public chains that have risen the fastest in ranking were Komodo, Nano and Bitcoin.”

According to CCID, in terms of innovation sub-indicators, Bitcoin’s recent code update is very active,” earning the project a score of 40.3 for this category – the highest on the list.

However in overall ranking, EOS tops the list, Bitcoin ranked 10th spot, Stratis the 13th spot, Bitcoin Cash 29th, and Hcash 30th.

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