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Crypto Market Valuation Dropped

Crypto Bloodbath: Crypto Market Valuation Dropped $16 Billion Overnight

The cryptocurrency market is really in its bad shape right now. Just like a friend said last time, the crypto market is not the...
Crypto bear market

Tom Lee Preach Patient As The Key in Crypto Bear Market

According to Tom Lee, In the cryptocurrency bear market, a waiting attitude is essential if one must succeed. Tom Lee is Fundstrat co-founder and...
btc expert

Cryptocurrency Regulation: No Regulation Is Better Than Bad Government Regulation

The issue of cryptocurrency regulation has been up for debate since bitcoin became very popular. In fact the cryptocurrency regulation became intense when bitcoin...
Accepting Bitcoin

The State Of Ohio To Start Accepting Bitcoin For Tax Payment

Starting from Nov. 26, the state of Ohio will start accepting Bitcoin in settlement of 23 kinds of business taxes. If this happens, the...
Accepting Cryptocurrencies

What You can do With Cryptocurrencies (4): Accepting Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment

What It Means To Accept Cryptocurrencies As Form Of Payment Accepting cryptocurrencies as a form or means of payment means accepting to get paid in...
Cryptocurrency Mining

What You can do With Cryptocurrencies (3): Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining is among the most important things people can do with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin miners are involved in providing a bookkeeping service in the...
Splitt mining

Splitt Cloud Mining Officially Tells Why They Freeze Withdrawal

The Splitt Cloud Mining Website and Telegram bot have stopped withdrawal within the last 24 hours. This was done by the cryptocurrency cloud mining... Mining

Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining Freezes All Withdrawal Of Its Investors

Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining have stopped the withdrawal of its investors. This simply means that no withdrawal request will be processed. All three of...
Uses Of Cryptocurrencies

What You can do With Cryptocurrencies (2): Crypto Investment

You can CLICK HERE to read the first part of this series if you had missed it. Today, majority of people still believe that...
Digital assets

Cryptocurrency Investment Is A Risk Taken By The Brave

If cryptocurrency investment is a game it has to be played by the brave ones. If cryptocurrency investment is risk well only the brave...
Cryptocurrency Price Crash

Persons That Are Always Affected By Cryptocurrency Price Crash

The cryptocurrency price crash is affecting everyone crypto users, enthusiasts, investors, investment platforms and even crypto haters. The crypto market of 2018 is quite...
Use Of Cryptocurrency

What You can do With Cryptocurrencies (1)

Few years ago, finding a merchant that accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for other valuable things was very difficult, if not impossible. This has limited...
Current Crypto Market Crash

My Opinion On The Current Crypto Market Crash

During the past 6 days, the Crypto market has crashed from over $201 billion to about $168 billion market capitalization, that's almost $34 billion...
Access Bank Salary Advance Loan

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Investment Practice That Helped Me

Every crypto enthusiasts understands that cryptocurrency investment is part of the crypto world. However getting the right investment platform is one major set back....
btc coin

How To Double Your Bitcoin 100% Secure And Trusted

While most people are struggling to double their bitcoin. We can show you some easy ways to double your bitcoin and it is safe.... Cloud Mining

Best Bitcoin Investment Website For The Year 2019

Everyone is looking for a a good website to invest their bitcoin. Previous best bitcoin investment website(s) known have all collapse or are currently...
VA mortgage home loan

Crypto Enthusiasts Won’t Accept Crypto Ban Without A Fight

It seems that American crypto enthusiasts have run out of patience with respect to a clearly unregulated legislative base. More than 50 industry leaders...
Invest in Crypto

Harvard, MIT, Other US Institutions All Invest in Crypto Funds

Top institutions and business organizations have choosen to invest in crypto. Multiple Ivy League and other prestigious U.S. universities are not left out as...
bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets by 11% Reach a Month High

Bitcoin Price for the first time over a month now has jumped by 11 percent. Bitcoin is the world largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization,...

Unocoin Launching 30 Crypto ATMs in Three Indian Cities

Unocoin is one of the major cryptocurrency exchange in India. And officially is has announced the launch of 30 cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs)...
Zimbabwean bitcoin

What Are Alt Coins and Do They Have Any Importance

Simply put Alt Coins is the combination of two different words "alternative" and "coins". They refer to other cryptocurrencies in use aside from bitcoin....
Fraudulent cryptocurrency platforms

Best Crypto Coins To Invest and Make More Money

If you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency and you wonder which is the best crypto coins to invest in then this article is...
btc mining

Why All Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms are Like Ponzi Scheme

According to wikipedia ponzi scheme is a form of fraud in which a purported businessman lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors using...
Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Updated Lists of Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platforms

No doubt you might come across some real Bitcoin Cloud Mining websites. And to say the truth some of these mining companies are no...
Yahoo finance

You Can Now Trade BTC, ETH, LTC On Yahoo Finance iOS App

A new feature has been added to yahoo finance that allows cryptocurrency trading. Yahoo finance as we know is one of the world's largest news...
Bitcoin transactions

Chinese Mobile Payment Platforms Block Bitcoin Transactions

WeChat and Alipay are set to stop bitcoin transactions on payment platforms. This is coming after high regulatory agencies in China – including the People's...
Splitt mining

BTC Mining: Splitt Cloud Mining an Easier Way to Make more Bitcoin

We know you have heard of BTC mining. But what we don't know is if you know that Splitt BTC mining is an easier... Mining

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining: Splitt Is Changing The Bitcoin Mining Game

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining is a very simple way to earn free cryptocurrency. And splitt is changing the cloud mining game for other platforms. In... Cloud Mining

Asic Mining: Splitt Cloud Mining Rated Among The Best

  When bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining was first introduced, CPU was used. As time goes on, GPU was introduced that was more sophisticated with more...
Ethereum blockchain explorer

NRC of Canada Has built an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

A Canadian government body which is known as The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), announced on Monday that it has built an ethereum...

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