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Think of Bitcoin wallet is the warehouse where your bitcoins are stored. To keep your bitcoins safe, you need to have a wallet. Not just having a wallet but a secure one that can keep your crypto wealth safe. This bitcoin category not only explains what wallet is but also its uses and how to select the right wallet. Some wallets are best use for daily transactions, others are best used to store your bitcoins and yet some are hardware wallet that are considered to be the most secure. The importance of bitcoin wallet can not be over emphasized hence we bring you updates on best wallet security practices.
Investing in cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Wallets: Understanding The Different Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Wallets are like the bank account that holds your money. Bitcoin wallats holds your bitcoin and keep it secure. CLICK HERE to read...
Golix exchange

Buy Bitcoins: The Best Place To Buy Bitcoins

  Every wondered where you could get bitcoins without been scammed. The best place to buy bitcoins should sell bitcoin at a cheap rate, they...
South Korea and Binance

Bitcoin Wallet: A Simple Approach To Understanding BTC Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is the very first thing every bitcoin user own. It is so important that without it you can't even boost of owning...
Digital assets

Updated: Top Legit Websites To Buy and Sell Bitcoin Worldwide

Have bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and you would like to buy and sell bitcoin. We have compile a long list of bitcoin exchange...
Skrill Wallet buy crypto

You Can Now Buy Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin Using The Skrill Wallet

Skrill is a digital wallet and mobile payments operator. The payment operator announced today that its customers can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the...

Easy Steps To Earn Free Bitcoin Worth Thousands Of Dollars

sThe rush to get free bitcoin online is very high on the internet. However, most times people fall in for scams and frauds. But...
africa map

Which Africa Country Is Next To Likely Ban The Use Of Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin

This is a very important question as Africa countries and its leaders might just follow suit with Zimbabwe and start placing ban on the...

Why Banning Crypto/Bitcoin In Zimbabwe Might Be A Wrong Call

In the recent development in Zimbabwe, The Reserve Bank of the country is stopping all bitcoin and crypto transactions in the country. Although Golix...

Crypto Forecast Imagination: What If Government and Financial Bodies Globally Declares Crypto Legal

As said in our Facebook page, Mntrends is introducing the WHAT IF of crypto. This is simply personal thinking and imagination of what crypto(like...
Crypto Events to Keep an Eye

What Are Bitcoin Wallets And Different Types of Bitcoin Wallets

You need a bank account for you to be able to receive, save and send money. Same way a “Bitcoin Wallets” is basically the...
btc price chart

Security Alert: Hardware wallet Security Compromised !!

Generally speaking a hardware wallet is a special kind of cryptocurrency wallet that stores the user's  private keys in a secure hardware device. Hardware...

Important Features of a Secure Bitcoin Wallet

There are lots of BTC wallet providers, but when choosing a bitcoin wallet provider, the most important distinction to look out for is in...
Ethereum Price falls

How to Know a Fake Bitcoin Wallet Provider

It's not easy to tell the difference between a fake bitcoin wallet provider and a genuine wallet provider, reason because wallets primarily are about...

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