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Bitcoin mining has become very popular today and everyone wants to own bitcoin. Here you can get to know various legit bitcoin mining platforms and websites. From CPU to GPU and ASIC Mining, the crypto mining is really changing at a fast pace. There are various bitcoin mining platforms most claiming to be cloud mining. However there are also many fraud online claiming to give free bitcoin mining and this page tries to give awareness on how to be safe when buying a mining contract.
FBC bitcoin trust in canada

Get Free Bitcoin: How Can You Get Some Bitcoin

The pressure to get free bitcoin is becoming popular with each passing day. Numbers of bitcoin users have tripled since its price experience major... Mining

Asic Mining: Multiply Your Bitcoin Splitt Cloud Mining

The splitt cloud mining platform have been in operation for more than 100 days and with the Asic mining contract you could earn even...

Solidmining Stop Payment Of Its Members Shortly After Cyber Attack

Solidmining stop payment of withdrawals shortly after they where hit by cyber attackers. The well organized bitcoin investment platform have stopped processing withdrawal requests....
Get Free Bitcoin

Get Free Bitcoin Everyday From Using This Mobile Application

To get free bitcoin is not always easy and getting it daily is even a more tedious task. In this article we'll introduce you...
btc mining

Best Bitcoin Mining: Get Free Bitcoin From This Mining Site For Life

Here is your opportunity to be part of the best bitcoin mining company. The rules of bitcoin mining is changing as more mining companies...
Bitmain 7nm bitcoin mining chip

Jihan Wu Announces The New Bitmain 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

The new Bitmain 7nm bitcoin mining chip was announced on Friday by Jihan Wu, CEO and co-founder of the Beijing-based firm, at the World...

Free Bitcoin Mining Platform For Web Browsers(Phones And Laptops)

The internet is filled with some free bitcoin mining options. Some are mobile app, others are faucet platforms and still others are on the...
Fraudulent cryptocurrency platforms

Best Crypto Coins To Invest and Make More Money

If you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency and you wonder which is the best crypto coins to invest in then this article is...
Crypto Market Valuation Dropped

Bitcoin Skyrocket in Iran After Government Approves Mining

The price of Bitcoin skyrocket in Iran on Wednesday after President Hassan Rouhani approved plans to mainstream bitcoin mining – and as the local...
CryptoTab Browser

How To Be Mining More Bitcoins Using CryptoTab Browser

As pointed out in one of our previous articles, CryptoTab is perhaps the best way to mine bitcoin freely. If you missed that article...
CryptoTab mining

CryptoTab Browser A Better Way To Mine Bitcoin

CryptoTab Browser might just be among the most underrated bitcoin mining platforms of our time. This might be true due to the fact that...
btc mining

Why All Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms are Like Ponzi Scheme

According to wikipedia ponzi scheme is a form of fraud in which a purported businessman lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors using...
Free bitcoin

Receive Free Bitcoin Every Hour Everyday With Your Mobile Phone

You want to receive free bitcoin every hour from home and you don't know where to start? Well we bring you some cool tips...
Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Updated Lists of Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platforms

No doubt you might come across some real Bitcoin Cloud Mining websites. And to say the truth some of these mining companies are no...
Splitt mining

BTC Mining: Splitt Cloud Mining an Easier Way to Make more Bitcoin

We know you have heard of BTC mining. But what we don't know is if you know that Splitt BTC mining is an easier... Mining

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining: Splitt Is Changing The Bitcoin Mining Game

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining is a very simple way to earn free cryptocurrency. And splitt is changing the cloud mining game for other platforms. In... Cloud Mining

Asic Mining: Splitt Cloud Mining Rated Among The Best

  When bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining was first introduced, CPU was used. As time goes on, GPU was introduced that was more sophisticated with more...

Japanese Triple-1 Company is Developing 7nm Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Triple-1 company was founded two years ago (2016) and headquartered in Fukuoka. The Japanese company engages in ASIC chip development and cryptocurrency mining farm... Mining Mining: Understanding The Mining Platform Mining services also include keeping your bitcoin. It serves as bitcoin wallet for its miners. Let's get to explore the mining website...
Splitt mining Account Registration: How To Register For Bitcoin Cloud Mining

In one of our previous articles, we tried to make a simple overview of the cloud mining platform. If you missed the article... Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining: Is Cloud Mining Website Legit

If you are interested in bitcoin, then no doubt you might/must have heard of cloud mining. is one of the many platforms online...
Golix exchange

Best Place To Buy Bitcoin: Comparing Various BTC Exchange Platforms

Ever wondered the best place to buy bitcoin from the numerous bitcoin exchange platforms available. Well Mntrends is going to make it easy for...
Bank blockchain

Best Bitcoin Faucet: Best Bitcoin Earning Website

In our previous post we explained in details what a bitcoin faucet is. You can CLICK HERE to read it up and understand what...
Cryptocurrency industry

Best Way To Earn Bitcoin: Try This Simple Way For Free

If you are interested in bitcoin there are various ways you can earn some few bitcoins. The best way to earn bitcoin is usually...
South Korea and Binance

Bitcoin Wallet: A Simple Approach To Understanding BTC Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is the very first thing every bitcoin user own. It is so important that without it you can't even boost of owning...
Bitcoin mining tv

Canaan Creative to Launch first ever Bitcoin Mining Television

Canaan creative is the second largest manufacturer of bitcoin miners, and has unveiled what it describes as the world’s first bitcoin mining television. Canaan revealed that the...
Crypto mining apps prohibited by Google

Google Joins Apple by banning Crypto Mining Apps from Play Store

Google bans crypto mining apps from Play Store just same way Apple did from its Mobile App Store. The internet giant revealed its shift in...
Crypto mining giant Bitmain

Bitmain | What you should know about the Cryptocurrency Mining Giant

Bitmain the cryptocurrency mining giant was founded in 2013 by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan. Before this two met to start Bitmain, Wu was a...
Crypto mining suspension

Vietnam Set To Suspend The Importation of Crypto Mining Equipment

According to a report by the Vietnam News on July 19, the Central Bank of Vietnam has revealed it's support to a proposed plan by the...

Uzbekistan’s Presidential Decree Sets the Stage for Legalizing Crypto

Uzbekistan has taken steps to legalize its crypto sector as part of the efforts by the government in Tashkent to boost the country’s development...

Crypto Updates

Cryptocurrency taxation

New Law Amendment Clarifies Cryptocurrency Taxation in Poland

There is a new bill in Poland that clarifies Cryptocurrency taxation. The bill also differentiates between decentralized cryptocurrencies and centralized virtual money, and clarifies...

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