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Founded in May 1990 Zenith Bank has grown to be among the influential banks in Nigeria over the years. With good internet presence and branches all over West Africa. Zenith Bank was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 30 May 1990. The Bank received its commercial banking license on 20 June 1990 and commenced operations on 16 July 1990. From 1990 to 2016 the Bank grew its shareholder’s fund of ₦20million in 1990 to ₦704.50billion.
Some Services Offer By Zenith Bank
  1. Internet Banking
  2. Corporate Banking
  3. Mobile Banking
  4. Loan Services
  5. Investment Opportunities
  6. SME banking etc
The bank is also present in other Africa countries like Ghana. Its headquarters is located in Lagos Nigeria with Zenith_Bank (UK) limited and Zenith_Bank Ghana Limited as Subsidiaries.

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