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Bank is any financial institution that creates a holding account(virtual account) for the public(individuals), accepts money from the public(individuals), credits the account created for the individual and keeps the money for them. Due to the fact that banks holds money, in most counties they are highly regulated. But the policies guiding banks varies from one country to another.
Major Functions Of The Bank
  1. Accepts deposition of Money.
  2. Keeps, Save, Holds the Money.
  3. Makes the deposited money available for withdrawal when its needed.
  4. Loan operations i.e they lend money to the public
  5. Selling of shares to the public
  6. Investment opportunity to the public.
  7. Internet Banking
  8. Banking Security etc
This Bank category in if Mntrends is aimed at helping you to understand basic banking security tips, understand internet banking and also get step by step guide to applying for loans from your banks online. Perhaps the most Technologically advanced banks are based in the United States but they are all prone to threats. Banks in other countries are also fast rising and meeting up with the recent technological trends.
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5 Ways To Open A Bank Account In Nigeria

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Why You Should Consider Banking With FCMB or FirstBank

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How To Open A Wells Fargo Checking Account Online

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Access Bank Premium Current Account

Features And Benefits Of The Access Bank Premium Current Account

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FCMB Personal Business Account

Enjoy Business Insurance With FCMB Personal Business Account

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FCMB Premium Current Account

Live Comfortable Lifestyle Using The FCMB Premium Current Account

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FCMB Classic Current Account

Enjoy More Banking Benefit With The FCMB Classic Current Account

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How To Make Money From Nigeria Banks With Ease

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FCMB Millionaire Promo

How To Win 2 Million Naira In The FCMB Millionaire Promo

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FCMB Flexx Savings Account

Save More And Earn More With The FCMB Flexx Savings Account

Every youth wants to have a taste of the good life. It is always good to have something saved for when you need it....
FCMB Salary Savings Account

Features And Benefits Of The FCMB Salary Savings Account

Every Salary earners always want to have something to save. It is even better with the FCMB Salary Savings Account. This Savings Account type...
FCMB Premium Savings Account

Make More Money With The FCMB Premium Savings Account

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FCMB Classic Savings Account

Save Money With Style Using The FCMB Classic Savings Account

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All You Should Know About The FCMB Kids Savings Account

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How To Win 1.25 Million Naira From FirstBank Of Nigeria

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Payment In Zenith Bank

Nigeria Bank Code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts In Your Bank Account

Sometimes we misplace our debit card and we are then prone to fraudulent activities. Someone might just be withdrawing our money while we watch...
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How To Open An FCMB Bank Account Online With Ease

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Fidelity Personal Savings Scheme

How To Win Over N1 Million Naira In The Fidelity Bank Loyalty Scheme

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bitcoin wallet

Enjoy Your Savings With Fidelity Bank Flex Savings Account

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FirstBank Savings Account

FirstBank Savings Account: List Of FirstBank Savings Accounts

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Access Bank High Interest Deposit Account

Save More Earn More With Access Bank High Interest Deposit Account

The Access Bank High Interest Deposit Account(HIDA) is the Savings Account for real savers. What we mean is that, people who keeps money for...

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