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Bank is any financial institution that creates a holding account(virtual account) for the public(individuals), accepts money from the public(individuals), credits the account created for the individual and keeps the money for them. Due to the fact that banks holds money, in most counties they are highly regulated. But the policies guiding banks varies from one country to another.
Major Functions Of The Bank
  1. Accepts deposition of Money.
  2. Keeps, Save, Holds the Money.
  3. Makes the deposited money available for withdrawal when its needed.
  4. Loan operations i.e they lend money to the public
  5. Selling of shares to the public
  6. Investment opportunity to the public.
  7. Internet Banking
  8. Banking Security etc
This Bank category in if Mntrends is aimed at helping you to understand basic banking security tips, understand internet banking and also get step by step guide to applying for loans from your banks online. Perhaps the most Technologically advanced banks are based in the United States but they are all prone to threats. Banks in other countries are also fast rising and meeting up with the recent technological trends.

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