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Card Banking: New Way To Bank Using Debit, Credit And Prepaid Card

Card Banking
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The use of Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card(Card Banking) is a new way to banking. In fact it is a very modern way of Banking that most people are yet to fully utilize it. We know you might have been using these cards but you can do more with your cards.

Aside from normal withdrawal transactions, there are host of other things that you can do with you Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card. This article won’t be centered on the differences and use of each Card mention above.It will be focused mainly on the general use of these cards and why you should start banking this way.

What is Debit, Credit And Prepaid Card Banking

Card Banking is a type of Banking that allows customers to do basic and advance bank services using either their Debit,Credit or/and Prepaid Card. With card Banking you can perform as simple as cash withdrawal to as difficult as loan application.

Things You Can Do With Your Debit, Credit And Prepaid Card

There are numerous bank operations you can do with your Cards. We’ll try and list the important once below

  1. Cash Withdrawal: This is perhaps the primary reason for having and card.
  2. Online Purchase: You can easily make payment in any online store using host of various web payment gateway.
  3. POS Withdrawal and Payment: The use of POS machines is becoming very popular worldwide and your Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card got you covered.
  4. Loan Application: This type of Banking allow you access to soft loans. In the United States for example, with good credit score you can use as much as $2,000 from your Credit Card and payback on a later date. There is usually a maximum daily money attached to each credit card please ask your bank for details.
  5. Savings Of Funds: Prepaid card got you covered if you want to save some money and carry with you anytime. Prepaid card allows your card to be loaded with some cash that you can use for expenses on the go.
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Benefits Of Using Card Banking(Debit, Credit And Prepaid Card Banking)

Why should you consider this type of Banking when there are tons of other options to choose from. Well lets give you some few reasons why you should consider Card Banking.

Requirements To Get A Debit, Credit And Prepaid Card

The requirements varies from one bank to another. And also if you are from another country aside from Nigeria the requirements will be slightly different. But below are what will be needed for you to apply for Debit,credit and Prepaid Card Banking.

  1. A working Bank Account with the said bank
  2. Your account must be active before you apply.
  3. Valid means of verification.
  4. Recent Passport Photograph.
  5. Fill and submit the card application form.
Major Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card Issuers
  • Visa Card: They issue Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards.
  • Master Card: Debit and Credit Card issuers.
  • Velve Cards: Issues mainly Debit and Credit Cards.
  • American Express: Issues all types of cards.

Card Banking is becoming popular with each passing day. Debit, Credit and Prepaid Card Banking makes things easier and everyone likes it easy. Tell us below your e using any of the cards above. Please use the share button below to share our articles on Facebook and Twitter.


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