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Canaan Creative to Launch first ever Bitcoin Mining Television

Bitcoin mining tv

Bitcoin mining tv

Canaan creative is the second largest manufacturer of bitcoin miners, and has unveiled what it describes as the world’s first bitcoin mining television.

Canaan revealed that the television is equipped with A3210 16nm ASIC chips and is capable of processing at a power of 2.8 terahashes per second.

The Avalon mining TV is powered by artificial intelligence, it can calculate the profitability of bitcoin mining in true-time, and Canaan creative plans will include a voice control feature, and features 4K resolution.

The company sold almost 300,000 Avalon mining rigs in 2017, reportedly representing 19.5% of the processing power generated by the global mining industry.

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The TV set will also facilitate the purchase of entertainment content or physical gifts through Canaan Creative’s platform. Canaan has indicated that it plans to predominantly sell the Avalonminer Inside to businesses intending to distribute the TVs to retail customers.


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