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Bitpico Calls Out BTC to Be “World’s Most Manipulated Commodity”

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Bitpico publicly revealed his love for BCH sometime ago, but now it appears he’s fallen out of love with BTC too.

In what one could seen to be a publicity stunt, Bitpico tweeted on August 4: “We are no longer bullish on #bitcoin $btc & dumped all @ 8300 USD. We’ve put our farm up for sale also. Why? We no longer want to participate in the worlds most manipulated commodity. Bitcoin is now just a shit show. Good luck!”

Many persons have speculated that Bitpic.o was a Bitcoin Cash shill all along, and that his team’s failure to successfully topple the BCH network was an attempt to demonstrate its strength, citing his sudden dismissal of BTC as proof.

Bitpic.o deleted all his tweets after defiantly calling BTC to be the world’s “most manipulated commodity”, and claiming to have sold his coins at the recent top.

He also updated his Twitter bio, reaffirming his opinion that “Bitcoin is fully manipulated shit show. Just say no.” If Bitpico was seeking to catch attention by throwing his toys out the pram, he certainly succeeded. Few people are prepared to take his claims seriously.

But should there claims be taken seriously? Well, over the time Bitpico has a history of making threats and then never following through with them. For example, “[In November] Bitpico explained that his team was carrying out the Segwit2x fork whether people liked it or not and claimed to have 30 percent of the hashrate… Following Bitpico’s threats this past November, nothing ever happened, and his 30 percent of hashrate never came to fruition.”

He also previously threatened to DDoS the Lightning Network, but once again, nothing happened.

So could one conclude that Bitpico is just an empty barrel making a loud noise? What do you think… 


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