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Billionaire Marc Lasry Hypes Bitcoin To Reach $40,000 Price

Marc Lasry

Billionaire Marc Lasry, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Avenue Capital Group, an investment firm with $9.6 billion in assets under management, weighed in on his bitcoin investment on CNBC Wednesday.

Marc Lasry revealed that he has invested around 1 percent of his personal fund in bitcoin, betting that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap might soon be worth as much as $40,000 per coin at some point.

He further said, “You are hoping that as it gets more into the mainstream, and as more markets end up allowing it to trade where it’s freely tradable, to me that’s more the market bet … I think you will have something that ends up being somewhere at $20,000 to $40,000.”

According to the 2018 World’s Billionaires List released by Forbes, Marc Lasry has an estimated $1.7 billion in his personal fortune.

Marc said, “I like bitcoin because it’s the one that where everybody is going to come to,” adding that the price of bitcoin will rise if the average Americans can get access to bitcoin.

What do you think of Marc Lasry comment, do you see bitcoin crossing above the $20,000 mark ever again?


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